24 Jun 2019

Class of 2018


Year 12 was a busy year for Daniella as she completed her IB diploma studying Chemistry HL, English HL, Economics HL, German SL, Maths SL, Physics SL and Theory of Knowledge, and she was also Languages Captain and participated in the Big Brother/Big Sister program mentoring Year 7 girls. Daniella continued to compete in Tintern’s EISM Swim Team, which she has been a member of since Year 7. Competing this year was extra special, as she and her relay teammates broke the standing EISM freestyle and medley record for the fifth year in a row.

During Years 11 and 12 Daniella found staying active was a great way to de-stress.

“Throughout Year 11 I was swimming competitively, so I was swimming five – six times a week and also dancing. Both activities are physically demanding and involve considerable commitment, so I did have to make sure I wasn’t overdoing it or having them conflict with my school work, because school was certainly a priority for me. I found that during this year [in Year 12] it was harder to stay active after I stopped swimming competitively. Being part of the Tintern EISM Swimming Team was good as they trained three times a week in Term 1, and then once a week for Terms 2, 3 and 4. Also the fitness program that ran Tuesday and Thursday mornings was really beneficial and definitely helped me de-stress as I would go with a friend and we would talk as we exercised.”

Daniella started at Tintern in Year 2, with her sister starting in Year 4 that same year. Daniella describes her Junior School experience as a special one.

“We were welcomed by everybody in the School. The teachers were really supportive and helpful in catching us up on what we didn’t know but also integrating us into the School. I found that all throughout my primary years the Junior School was a really caring environment.”

In Year 6 Daniella was Junior School Captain which came with many important responsibilities including speaking each week at assembly. Initially the idea was daunting but Daniella relished the challenge and hopes she was a positive influence on her peers.

When asked about future plans Daniella said, “This has been a really tough decision for me because I am debating between medicine and law. They are very different, but I honestly think I would be happy to learn anything because I have a really curious mindset and like to learn.”

Leaning more towards doing law, Daniella explains “I am really interested in bringing about justice in society and making sure everyone is recognised and given their rights, but also that the community is safe and feels safe. I feel this is really important today.”

Daniella is also exploring the idea of becoming a Barrister and is grateful to have connected with a Tintern alumna at the 2018 Careers Night, who was a Senior Solicitor at the Office of Public Prosecutions and now works as a Barrister at the Victorian Bar.

However, Daniella hasn’t completely ruled out medicine, applying for both law and medicine, as well as sitting the UMAT, a test used to assist with the selection of students into medicine, dentistry and health science degrees, in July.

Looking ahead to five years’ time, whichever path Daniella chooses she feels she will still be studying, but hopes to have travelled.

“I would love to go to Europe, especially Greece and Italy because my grandparents are from there. I would also love to go to Germany because I learnt German. It would be really valuable to see what I learnt about in the practical sense.”

After such a full year, Daniella’s advice for future IB and Year 12 students is that it is important to have an interest in what you are studying.

“Having a curious mind has helped me develop an interest in all of my subjects even when I couldn’t see how it would apply to my years after school. So when you might not be particularly interested in a subject or concept, just pick something, even something really small, and think wow that’s so interesting and then slowly everything will become more intriguing and you will want to find out more. I think this desire to find out more is really important in retaining information or a concept in your memory, and you will be able to appreciate the treasures in what you learn, and then, what you see in the world.”

Daniella would like to thank everyone who has supported her last year, including her family, friends and many invaluable teachers.


Year 12 was a busy year for Jack. He completed VCE studying Business Management, English, Geography, Maths, and Product Design and Technology, with VCE VET Unit 3/4 subject Interactive Digital Media (IDM) (renamed to VCE VET Creative and Digital Media in 2018) completed in Year 11. Jack was also a valuable member of the School’s leadership team.

“I found working within the leadership team was really good and that it broadened my horizons and gave me an opportunity to meet different people in my year level.”

Jack started at Tintern in the Early Learning Centre and remembers his Junior and Middle School days fondly.

“We built tight-knit relationships with pretty much everyone in the class and the staff too. It was really great that these relationships continued through into the Senior College. The Junior and Middle Schools were vibrant places to be and being surrounded by that environment made school so much easier.”

A highlight from Jack’s time at Tintern was the annual remote control race car Grand Prix from his Junior School days.

“Mr Kenny did the Southwood Grand Prix with remote control race cars. I was, and still am, mad into cars. I’d spend months building cars and racing them in the lead up to race day. The actual day was just crazy, at recess and lunch there would be cars everywhere! These days will stick in my mind for a long time and is what got me into competitive remote control car racing. I belong to a club and will compete at the Victorian Championships next year.”

Jack plans to go to university next year to pursue another passion of his.

“The plan is to do computer science at Deakin, with the aim to focus on cloud computing and cyber security. I love the industry and have been doing a bit of work over the summer, developing a small online business renting out server hardware. Building the info structure and administering the whole network has been a brilliant learning opportunity as it allows me to learn how larger corporations would manage such a vast number of users and services.”

In five years’ time Jack aims to have finished at university and be working, however, he hopes to still have the opportunity to continue learning and trying new things. He is also keen to travel, explaining he would like to “tick a few destinations off the bucket list. Japan to go snow skiing and I’d love to go back to Canada.”

Jack has some good advice for future Year 12 students.

“Sleep when you can and energy drinks are not your friend. Take everything as it comes and enjoy Year 12 because it is only going to happen once.”

Jack also feels he was fortunate to have had an older sibling complete Year 12 before him; as it was helpful that his family had experienced the pressure of a student’s final year of schooling.

“I was fortunate that my parents were aware of what I would go through and they stepped back a little bit and gave me space and time. The pressure was definitely still there but I found structuring my time was good, as well as giving myself a break when I needed it. Sitting down with mates and playing an hour of a computer game was so worthwhile and really important.”


Maria started at Tintern Grammar as an International student in Year 9 in 2015. Maria completed her VCE in 2018, studying English as an Additional Language (EAL), Specialist Maths, Chemistry and Studio Arts, with Chinese First Language (CFL) and Maths Methods in Year 11. She also held the leadership position of Art Captain in Year 12.

Maria thoroughly enjoyed being part of the School community in Year 12 and throughout her time at Tintern.

“I never missed any of the House Events, like House Singing, the Swimming Carnival and Cross Country. I found it so exhilarating to engage with the cohort and play alongside my friends. There was a sense of collective pride, friendship and honour that brought us together.”

Tintern provides a number of support services for International students, one of which is the weekly Homework Club.

“Homework Club was fun! Being able to help and interact with the younger students offered me great insight of my fellow international students, and fostered my passion for teaching. Eating lunch together, discussing homework and talking about our lives not only gave me a chance to unwind from my intense studies but also greatly developed my social skills. I definitely enjoyed those precious moments shared with my peers.”

A special memory for Maria was creating her oil painting in Studio Arts, which was chosen as the front cover of the 2018 Celebration Evening program.

“A favourite memory for me was that huge oil painting! Despite all the hours painting in the Sculpture Room, it was just inexplicably rewarding to look at in the end. I remember how I exclaimed, “It is so big” and just painted it with all my heart – from the blank canvas to the final piece, not to mention how this piece turned out to be the cover of the Celebration Evening program!”

Maria plans to study a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne to learn about linguistics and literature. Upon completion, she hopes to continue her studies to pursue either a Master of Teaching (secondary) or a Master of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. “In five years’ time I will have completed my Master’s degree, and hopefully I can be a secondary teacher in Melbourne, maybe at Tintern!”

Maria found a number of ways helped her de-stress in Year 12.

“Working out was a great way for me to de-stress. I also talked with my friends and family about my concerns and it often resulted in finding a solution. Having a walk after dinner was great as well. Sometimes all you need is some fresh air and sunlight to rejuvenate yourself.”

Maria has some valuable advice for tackling Year 12.

“Set achievable goals for yourselves and work towards them to the best of your abilities. Do everything step by step so you do not feel so overwhelmed. Remember it is your last year of school so really try hard and work towards your dreams, and then you can sit down and relax! Most importantly, don’t tire yourself out on the days before your exams, get prepared and be well rested.”

Maria has a special message for the Tintern Grammar community.

“I want to say a huge thank you to all my families, dear teachers and my best friends for supporting me all along the way. I’m always grateful for all of you.”


Meet our Alumni


During her time at Tintern Karen represented the School at interschool sports – in gymnastics, athletics and cross country running. She also proudly states that she was School bell ringer, Junior School Captain (Term 2 1978) and Class Captain several times. After finishing school Karen completed a Bachelor of Arts at Monash University, studying English, History and Linguistics, which, she says, stood her in good stead for a career in the Media as a Television Journalist. She decided on a career in television journalism and commenced her career at the ABC in Melbourne, learning the ropes on the production desk and assisting the Chief of Staff and the reporters. She has worked as a News and/or Current Affairs television Reporter and Producer for all the major networks in Australia, starting with the ABC, before moving to Commercial Television – Channel’s 10, 7, 9 and Sky News.

Karen has enjoyed working on Channel Nine’s local current affairs program ‘Extra” (in Brisbane), Nine’s Today Show, and as a Reporter in News Rooms across the country for all the major Networks. Karen returned to the ABC in 2008 and enjoyed the constant and ongoing challenges of the job – finding and researching new stories, the adrenalin rush of working on breaking news, interviewing anyone from the Prime Minister to A-List stars, or to homeless people on the street – all with a story to tell. She says the job required quick thinking, writing fast, creative and accurate copy to constant deadlines, probing interviews and investigations, working independently and with a team, refining how one looks and sounds “on camera”. Karen believes the best part is “hopefully having some impact on people’s lives with the stories, by entertaining, informing, educating, shocking, or provoking, to prompt thought and change in people’s lives”.

Karen left the ABC in 2015, to work at Channel Seven in Sydney, across the Newsroom, and the top rating ‘Sunrise’ program. In recent years, Karen has also done freelance work for the Sky News Business channel and is currently a Presenter for a global online business channel, and doing media consulting work.

Karen’s recreational pursuits include sailing in Sydney’s beautiful Harbour, beach life, coastal walks, spending time with friends, and walking her dog in Centennial Park.


Laura has loved space for as long as she can remember, but it wasn’t until she attended the Professor Harry Messel International Science School (ISS) at the recommendation of Mrs Derry in year 11 that she realised that she could be a scientist. Laura graduated from Tintern in 2010 after receiving a Premier’s Award for VCE biology, the Monash Prize, and Science Dux. As well as attending ISS, Laura went to the National Youth Science Forum in 2010.

Laura was accepted into her dream undergraduate course – a Bachelor of Science (Science Scholars Program) at Monash University. In her second year of university, Laura was awarded a scholarship to attend the University of Warwick in the UK on exchange. While she was there, Laura was selected to attend a student forum in Meknes, Morocco.

At the end of her third year of university, Laura was selected for a studentship at the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research in Perth. While she was there she was the first person to image the Galactic Centre of the Milky Way using the then brand new Murchison Widefield Array Telescope. She graduated from Monash University with a high distinction average and majors in astronomy and astrophysics, and applied mathematics. Two days after her final exam she was on a plane to Europe for a studentship at the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy (ASTRON). Her two studentships inspired her to apply for a master’s degree overseas, and she received a merit scholarship to attend the University of Amsterdam. Laura graduated from her master’s in 2017 and was awarded the De Zeeuw-van Dishoeck prize for the best astrophysics master’s thesis in the Netherlands, as well as the first prize for best astrophysics master’s thesis and second prize for best astrophysics master’s thesis presentation at the University of Amsterdam.

Laura is now a PhD candidate in the MeerTRAP group at the University of Manchester. She’s working with the MeerKAT telescope in South Africa to investigate mysterious fast radio bursts and to find out more about stellar flares. As well as working on her PhD, Laura is involved with outreach and science communication and loves taking every opportunity to share the wonders of the universe and inspire curious minds.

Laura manages her own website www.astrolaura.com and is passionate about promoting astronomy and astrophysics and especially encouraging young women to pursue careers in STEM fields. In her spare time Laura enjoys playing tennis, doing crochet and spending time with her Whippet Astro.


Nick graduated Tintern in 2013 with an International Baccalaureate Diploma. During his time at Tintern, Nick participated in a number of extra-curricular activities, including debating, musicals, swimming and cross-country running. He also held several leadership positions, including School Captain.

In 2014, Nick commissioned as a warfare officer in the Royal Australian Navy. He completed six months’ officer training in Jervis Bay followed by six months based in Sydney posted to the frigate HMAS Parramatta. Nick gained operational experience when Parramatta responded to Russian military activity in Australia’s maritime approaches. While Nick thoroughly enjoyed the Navy, he decided to gain broader life experience and explore other opportunities.

In 2015, Nick commenced a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) / Bachelor of Arts (International Relations) at Monash University. Over the course of his double degree, Nick completed study at the Australian National University in Canberra and the School of International Service at American University in Washington, DC. He also undertook internships at the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, the Department of Premier and Cabinet (Vic) and the Australian Parliament.

Nick currently works as an international policy adviser at the Department of Premier and Cabinet. He provides strategic advice to the Premier and department executives regarding Victoria’s international engagement. He supports outbound Premier and Governor travel, and inbound visits by foreign government and diplomatic representatives. Nick also maintains effective working relationships with diplomatic representatives and non-government organisations in support of Victoria’s international policy priorities.


Alumni News

Kerry Pryor (YG 1996)

Congratulations to alumna Kerry Pryor (YG 1996) who was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia at the recent Queen’s Birthday honours for service to photography, and to international charitable initiatives. A well-deserved honour, Kerry has worked as the Photographer and Child Sponsorship Coordinator at Beyond the Orphanage Foundation since 2011, and as the Photographer for the Eyes for Africa Charitable Foundation.

Do you know a past student who was acknowledged in the 2019 Queen’s Birthday honours or who has received any other accolades? Please share the details with our Community Relations office via email to communityrelations@tintern.vic.edu.au.

Image credit: Facebook Kerry Pryor Photography

Caitlin Spears (YG 2011)

We are pleased to share some exciting news about alumna Caitlin Spears (YG 2011).

Since graduating Caitlin studied at the VCA earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts and has gone on to perform in musicals, operas and plays all over the world! Caitlin recently turned her hand to producing, founding the production company Spears Entertainment, an Independent Theatre and Arts company based in Melbourne. They have just announced their 2019 season Everything’s Coming Up Sondheim, the musical theatre concert.

Come watch Caitlin alongside a talented cast and live band, perform the best of musical genius Stephen Sondheim! Playing at The Loft, Chapel off Chapel from 2 – 4 August 2019, tickets are now on sale.

Matt Gilling (YG 2014)

Congratulations to Matt Gilling (YG 2014) who had a great 2018/19 Ocean 6 Series winning the first Ocean Swim race at Queenscliff in NSW in October 2018. He went on to place 4th overall in the Ocean 6 Ocean Swim Series which was a massive achievement and his best result to date! The Ocean 6 attracts the most elite Surf Sports athletes across Australia.

In mid-January 2019, Matt won the Torquay Jim Wall Iron Man Race in Torquay and placed 3rd in the Lorne Pier to Pub competing against more than 5,000 others.

Congratulations Matt on these recent results and all the best for the 2019/20 Surf Sports season.

Janine Kirk (YG 1970)

Congratulations to alumna Janine Kirk (YG 1970) on her recent appointment as Chair of the Board for Phoenix Australia. Janine takes on this new role with extensive leadership experience in a variety of positions for a broad range of organisations. Learn more: https://lnkd.in/gPWYicM

Meghan McDonald (YG 2009)

Congratulations to alumna Meghan McDonald (YG 2009) who was named in the 2019 Virgin Australia AFL Women’s All Australian team yesterday!

This is a fantastic achievement for Meghan in her debut season at Geelong. Meghan made her AFLW debut at the Western Bulldogs in 2017.

Alan White (YG 2008)

Congratulations to alumnus Alan White (YG 2008) who was awarded Australian Young Fundraiser of the Year at the Fundraising Institute Awards on the 28 February 2019.

Alan is doing amazing work and is a fantastic role model for our students. We appreciate Alan taking the time to visit us and inspiring the school community to do what they can to create a better world.

Photo credit: Alan White, LinkedIn

Karen Gately (YG 1988)

A big thank you to alumna Karen Gately (YG 1988) from Corporate Dojo who joined us for International Women’s Day in the Girls’ Junior School.

Karen told the students about a time when she showed grit, determination and courage, competing and winning her grade at the Karate World Championships as a teenager and the only female at the competition.

Thank you again Karen for visiting and being an inspirational role model for our students, as well as encouraging them to believe they can do anything they choose to.



Avenue of Excellence

Who will be inducted this year? Our 2019 inductees have been selected and will be announced soon!

Be sure to save the date, Saturday 3 August, and gather your friends and family to join us as we induct this year’s Alumni to the Tintern Grammar Avenue of Excellence.




Around the School

2019 Giant Fair

The weather could not dampen our spirits for the 2019 Giant Tintern Grammar Fair.  We were delighted to have such strong community support from our families and sponsors.  

Special thanks to the Fair Convenor Amanda McKenzie and her committee. Their dedication, expertise and tireless efforts were instrumental in ensuring the success of the 2019 Fair.

Our sponsors provided financial support as well as valuable goods and services that contributed to the success of the Fair.  Thank you to all who contributed. 

Congratulations to Elisha Christensen (YG 2012) who won the Facebook competition to start the Fireworks!

The Fair Thank You Night It was a wonderful event acknowledging the valuable contributions from our volunteers and sponsors, as well as the community whose support on Fair Day generated a fantastic contribution towards our sustainability target to purchase a wind generator.

Tintern Family Association Special Resolution

Last Saturday a Tintern Family Association (TFA) Special Resolution meeting was held, at which a legally binding quorum attended and a formal vote was taken on both parts of the Special Resolution. These were both passed unanimously and will enable us to migrate the TFA to become Tintern Communities Ltd without further meetings or delays. This is great news and clears the way for us to move forward with much more reasonable speed and will thus create the protected status of your groups as soon as we have some formalities completed.

The next step is to register the name of the Tintern Communities Ltd. with ASIC. To do this we need to list the name of each alumni group or support group President as they will be each group’s representative on the Tintern Communities Ltd. Board. At this stage we will be listing current Presidents of each group on the form to go to ASIC.

Please email principal@tintern.vic.edu.au in the event that a different person needs to be listed for your group (you may delegate this responsibility if you wish).

Each group’s President will also need to complete a “Consent to Act as a Company Director” form. We will organise this for you shortly. While I very much doubt this is relevant, please be aware that anyone who has been disqualified from acting as a company director would not be able to complete this form, nor sit on the Tintern Communities Ltd. Board.

We will keep you informed of progress through this (hopefully quite brief) next phase of the change.


Annual Appeal 2019

With help from Tintern’s passionate and dedicated student-led Green Team, sustainability has become one of our School’s top priorities this year! And it is extremely important to our alumni community as well.

In support of the 2019 Annual Appeal, alumna Dr Jo Newton (YG 2006), Agricultural Researcher and 2018 Australian Financial Review 100 Women of Influence, has said “Feeding, clothing and powering an increasingly hungry world in the face of a changing climate and scarce resources is one of the biggest challenges we face. Wide scale adoption of renewable energy is an important jigsaw piece in building a sustainable future.”

Donate today to help us further our goal to become self-sustainable and benefit our students’ learning and understanding of sustainable practices.


Speagle Centre Opening

The wet weather didn’t dampen our spirits as we celebrated the official opening of The Speagle Science Centre last week. Approximately 80 members of our School community including donors, Board members, contractors and current and past families joined Principal Brad Fry, the building’s namesake Henry Speagle and Head of Science Lanna Derry, to officially cut the ribbon for the re-imagined centre.

Henry was joined by his whole family including wife Jean, son and daughter in law Donald and Angela, and their two sons Harry and Wilfred. The occasion also celebrated the donation of funds from both the 2017 and 2019 Giant Fairs towards the solar panels and the soon to be erected wind generator. Donations received from the 2018 Annual Appeal formed part of this project.

View the full photo gallery here: www.tintern.vic.edu.au/official-opening-of-the-speagle-scie…

Friends of Music – Jazz Night 2019

On Saturday 18 May around 200 students, staff and guests enjoyed the pizzazz and sparkle of this year’s Jazz Night. The performances by student jazz bands and choirs, and the inaugural performance by an Alumni/Year 12 band, were all of a high standard and showcased their amazing talents.

A big thank you to all the volunteers – both Friends of Music members and students – who helped make the evening a great success. The Friends of Music Committee spent many hours planning this event in the weeks and months prior. On the day before we had many hands on deck to fold serviettes, hang decorations, and set tables. A small band of volunteers also made a special trip up to the school three hours before the event to finalise decorations with the addition of the eye-catching helium balloons on each table. Thank you to Tim Oldmeadow for once again being a suitably sophisticated host, and to Tim and David Apsey for the challenging task of allocating guests to tables. A special thank you also to Heidi Victoria for coordinating our raffle and being our roving photographer.

New to Jazz Night this year was the band Shifafa on the Side, whose toe-tapping music kept the dance floor busy. Also new was the involvement of the Senior School Green Team to help guests be more environmentally conscious. They created a system of four different bins to separate food scraps, recycling (co-mingled and soft plastics) and waste.  We thank the Green Team and Anne Bortolussi for their assistance in ensuring this venture was successful. Be warned that in 2020 we will consider taking the next step and minimise single-use plates and cups by suggesting guests bring their own reusables from home!

by Debra Fryer, President Friends of Music

19th Annual Victorian Inter-School Horse Trial Championship 2019

The 19th Annual Horse Trials were another incredible success. The wonderful volunteers and riders were instrumental to this success, with their skill and dedication felt in every aspect. 

Our Friends of Equestrian (FOE) group do a fantastic job running this very popular event, which is an official qualifying event for the Australian Interschool Horse Trial Championships.



Alumni Survey

If you haven’t yet completed the Alumni Survey, there is still time!
We invite you to take 5 – 10 minutes to complete our survey to get a better understanding of what we are doing well and where we can improve.
We will share the results of this survey in the next alumni newsletter and follow up actions in future editions.
Also, look out for our Alumni Facebook Group, launching soon. A place to keep up to date on special events, read of the achievements of past students and share your own news.

Hello from Community Relations

Community Relations team – who are we?

Di Lacey and Tegan Martin make up the Community Relations team which is part of the larger Admissions and Marketing team at Tintern Grammar. The Community Relations team works closely with our alumni and the other School community groups.

We support the alumni of Tintern and Southwood to stay connected to the School and each other through Year Group Reunions and other planned activities. We always enjoy receiving emails and photos from you and where possible invite you back to the school to speak at relevant School assemblies and events.

Di Lacey, the Alumni and Community Relations Manager has been at Tintern for 20 years. Having started as a parent in 2000 she took on many volunteer roles within the community groups and in 2007 moved into a working role to continue work with the community groups and to support and further develop our alumni programs.

Tegan Martin has worked in various administrative roles at Tintern since 2014. She has now been working in the Community Relations office with Di for almost 4 years. Tegan juggles her 3 working days a week with a young family.

In this issue of your Alumni Newsletter you will find more celebration announcements and a Save the Date for our next Avenue of Excellence, where we induct our next two high achieving alumni. We hope you can make it along to this spectacular evening on Saturday 3 August where will honour and celebrate our new and existing inductees.

If you haven’t had a chance to complete the Alumni Survey, we encourage you to please do so. We have had a wonderful response so far and have decided to keep open longer to gather further responses to assist us to provide the most relevant engagement activities, events and communications. Please allow 5 minutes to complete the full survey.

If you have school aged children, note the upcoming scholarship testing  and we have again included some alumni profiles. Please remember to keep sending in your news so we can share in the next newsletter. All submissions to be received through communityrelations@tintern.vic.edu.au or you can call us on +61 3 9845 7893. Next time you are passing East Ringwood, please feel welcome to drop in and say hello, we would love to show you around.

Di Lacey and Tegan Martin




Madeleine Thurgood (YG 1999) and her husband Simon welcomed their baby boy, Leonardo Joseph Ielasi on the 30 November 2018. Born premature weighing only 1.8kg but doing fantastically! 

Christian Fitzgerald & his fiancée Marthe recently welcomed Leon Alexander Gogstad to the world. Arriving into the world on the evening of 9 May 2019, Leon is the first child for Christian and Marthe. Needless to say, both parents are over the moon to the new addition to their family.

Scott Peters (YG 2005) and wife Ashleigh welcomed their newest addition to their brood with the safe and healthy arrival of Noah on 9 November 2018. Weighing in at 4.2kg, Noah is Scott & Ashleigh’s second child with their eldest Harry taking on the role of big brother.


A very happy 100th birthday to Betty Boslooper (Clark YG 1937) who turned 100 on the 27 May 2019. Betty had a wonderful birthday celebration with friends and family.


Cass Hoskins (YG 2011) and her partner Daniel got engaged on holiday in Germany recently. They are due to get married in February next year and have been together since Cass was in Year 12.


Samantha Brown (YG 2003) married Matthew Green on the 27th of April 2019. They married at St Augustine’s Parish followed by a reception at The Australian Club, both in Melbourne CBD. Many previous Tintern students attended including Maid of Honour Melanie Jansen (nee Grice, YG 2003). “Both myself and Matthew are one of 5 kids, and therefore have big families! Collectively, our 17 nieces and nephews made up our Junior Bridal Party, which was very special. It was a very musically entertaining wedding with some of our siblings performing during the church service, and even Matthew surprising everyone by singing also! This was followed by a 10-piece band at the Reception which kept the dance floor full. It was essentially a big party with the people we love most!

Love was in the air over the Easter period as Mark Razdan (YG2005) wed Natasha Gupta at Linley Estate. The event was well attended by alumni members with Ivan Yeung & Scott Peters  (also YG 2005) a part of the bridal party. Other members in attendance were Daniel Griffiths, Sam Comben and Alex Simmons (YG2004). Photos provided

As Mark had completed IB, several Tintern Girls Alumni members were also on hand to celebrate this momentous occasion.

In Memoriam

Jenny Cowie (Hall YG 1975) passed away on the 6 November 2018.

Jane Alice Curphey (YG 1974) passed away on the 26 October 2018. Rest in peace. Daughter of Judith and Rex Curphey. Loving mother to Alice, Tessa and Flynn. Former wife of Allan and sister to Simon and Annie. Aunt to Jack, Ella and Violet. Jane will be remembered as a vibrant, adventurous and successful woman, and a much loved and caring friend to many.

Sally George (Wharton YG 1968) passed away on the 27 April 2019 some days after an accident. Sally moved to the Gold Coast in 1974. She met Peter George and they married in 1983, enjoying 37 years together and 35 years of marriage before Sally’s passing. Peter and Sally had 2 children together; Nina was born in 1984 and Mitchel was born in 1987, but passed away in 1990.

Sally had a most successful equestrian career, amongst many other things, breeding and competing Australian and State level Champion Horses, holding the position of Australian Chairperson for the Arabian Horse Association for a number of years, holding both Australian and State level President and Committee Show Horse level positions on various equestrian bodies, and judging the Arabian World Championships in Paris, France in 2001. Sally also judged Show Horses in many Australian States and New Zealand.

Sally had a successful real estate career for the last 11 years, marketing and selling many acreage and equestrian properties.

Sally was a loving mother to Nina, who became a lawyer, and a loving grandmother to Madeleine. She was due to become a grandmother for the second time this year with the upcoming birth of another grand-daughter to Nina and her husband Matt, due in September.

Sam L Morrison (YG 2008), brother of Felicity Morrison (YG 2004), Stefanie Morrison (YG 2001) and Amelia Morrison (YG 1999 Dec.) passed away on the 25 February 2019.

Kristina “Kristy” Pittaway (YG 1994) passed away on the 9 January 2018. Much loved wife of Daniel and mother of Ruby, Holly and Will.

Our dear friend Kristy Pittaway passed in January 2018 after 4 brave years with breast cancer. We will always remember her warmth, funniness, and kindness. At school she was known as ‘bush tuckerman’ by so many of us. She loved animals and spending time on the school farm. Kristy went on to do many things with her life including a degree in professional writing, another in natural therapies and later, a third in nursing – she then qualified as a midwife where she found her true calling and adored working with all the new babies.  Much loved wife to Dan and mum to three kids. Kristy is badly missed by so many of us.

Written by Fiona Grandage YG 1994

Joy Sorel (Pike YG 1943) passed away in February 2019.

Joy Beatrice Pike was born on 30 March 1926 in London, England, to Alice and Charles Pike and moved to Leatherhead in Surrey before her sister Eileen was born two and a half years later. Sadly, when she was four years old her father Charles died, and in 1931, she and Eileen migrated with their mother Alice by boat to Australia, where Alice remarried. Her stepfather Richard Stockdale was a prominent Melbourne Master Builder and they lived an idyllic life together on his small private farm named ‘Harcourt’ in Warburton.

Educated initially by governesses, in 1937 when Joy was eleven, she and Eileen commenced as boarders at Tintern Girls Grammar school. Apparently they were both miserable at first because it was such a strange environment however they settled down and made good friends and were eventually quite happy as boarders. Soon after their Stepfather died in 1939, and just before WW2 broke out, they moved from Warburton to Hawthorn and became day girls. She was Acting Head Prefect before she matriculated in 1942 and remembered her years at Tintern with great fondness.

After leaving school, Joy began working in accountancy but didn’t enjoy it sufficiently to make a career of it so she decided to study architecture at Melbourne University instead. She spent her second (and wonderful) year at the Mildura branch as an influx of returned service personnel meant that the Melbourne campus was overcrowded. Vacation jobs included working for Red Cross Transport, CSIRO, the YWCA and two architectural firms.

It was at university that Joy met Peter Sorel and their friendship led to marriage. They planned to work for a year after graduating in 1955, and to then travel overseas however the arrival of children put paid to this, so they settled in Brighton to raise their family.

Joy and Peter had two sons, Charles and Michael, and then a daughter Philippa, and Joy stayed at home to care for them and created a beautiful home and garden whilst Peter worked in architecture. In the early 1960’s they joined St Peter’s Anglican Church in Brighton Beach where Joy played an active role in the auxiliary which would continue for the rest of her life. They also purchased a small grazing farm in South Gippsland and as a family, worked it on weekends and holidays.

Once the children reached secondary school, Joy commenced part-time work mainly in the book industry and pursued other interests including overseas travel and collecting antiques. In 1980 her beloved mother Alice died and then in 1982, despite many years of marriage, she and Peter divorced.

Joy completed business and computer subjects at the University of the Third Age and worked with her sons in their respective businesses. She took up yoga, bushwalking, mah-jong and genealogy and enjoyed group travel within Australia and being a grandmother to three grandchildren. She lovingly supported her mother-in-law who lived next door until 100 years of age and then her sister Eileen who moved into aged care in Camberwell.

In 2005, Joy’s large garden in the family home became too much of a challenge and she moved to a retirement village in East Brighton with a much smaller garden. She lived there very happily and healthily until a serious stroke in 2013 rocked her life. Whilst it didn’t define her, the stroke reduced her independence which she had so cherished. Resilient to the core, she continued to live independently until her peaceful death in Cabrini Hospital, Brighton, on 18 February 2019.

Joy is remembered by many as kind, gentle, generous, understanding, talented, intelligent and determined.

Written by Pippa Sorel, Joy’s daughter 

Below Right: Joy is seated in the centre of the front row and her sister Eileen Pike (YG 1944 Dec.) is standing second from the right.


Southwood Old Boys Association (SOBA)

It’s been yet another busy period for the members of Southwood Old Boys whom are continue to make their mark professionally in a wide range of sectors and industries.

Recently Alan White (YG2008) was crowned the Young Australian Fundraiser of the Year for his work at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre raising funds to provide essential services and training and development programs for asylum seekers.

Following his award, Alan was also appointed to the Board of Directors at the Fundraising Institute of Australia where he will oversee initiatives to encourage more young people to come into the fundraising sector and offer guidance to younger members in the community about their careers.


Christian Fitzgerald (YG 2006) and his fiancée Marthe recently welcomed Leon Alexander Gogstad to the world. Arriving into the world on the evening of 9 May 2019, Leon is the first child for Christian and Marthe. Needless to say, both parents are over the moon to the new addition to their family.

Continuing on the baby news, Scott Peters (YG 2005) and wife Ashleigh welcomed their newest addition to their brood with the safe and healthy arrival of Noah on 9 November 2018. Weighing in at 4.2kg, Noah is Scott & Ashleigh’s second child with their eldest Harry taking on the role of big brother.


Love was in the air over the Easter period as Mark Razdan (YG2005) wed Natasha Gupta at Linley Estate. The event was well attended by alumni members with Ivan Yeung & Scott Peters  (also YG 2005) a part of the bridal party. Other members in attendance were Daniel Griffiths, Sam Comben and Alex Simmons (YG2004).

As Mark had completed IB, several Tintern Girls Alumni members were also on hand to celebrate this momentous occasion.

In Memoriam

It is with sadness we learnt that Sam L Morrison (YG 2008), brother of Felicity Morrison (YG 2004), Stefanie Morrison (YG 2001) and Amelia Morrison (YG 1999 Dec.) passed away earlier in the year.  On behalf of all members, SOBA wishes to extend their deepest condolences to the Morrison family and friends of Sam in this difficult time. 


Reunion Festival

We were very proud to host almost 200 alumni at our Reunion Festival on Saturday 15 June. Alumni from year groups 1999, 1994, 1989, 1984, 1979 and 1974 celebrated with an eventful afternoon at Tintern; touring the school, enjoying drinks and canapés and reminiscing with their peers.

The atmosphere was electric on the day, with the excited chatter continuing well into the night at local and private venues for dinner and more celebration activities.

Thank you to everyone who attended or contributed on the day. Our special thanks to those alumni who travelled from regional and interstate locations and to the volunteers who gave their time to assist. A special mention is due to the wonderful student ambassadors who gave up some of their Saturday to tour the alumni around our campus.

If you couldn’t attend this event but would still like an opportunity to tour the school, or you would like to know more about the enrolment process, please feel welcome to book here into one of our School tours. 



Tintern Old Girls Association (TOGA)

Women of Influence 2019

The 2019 TOGA women of Influence was another wonderful evening. Thank you to all those that came along to catch up and hear the adventures of Fiona Eagger (YG 1979) and Fiona Lake (YG 1979). They spoke of resilience, experience, giving it a go, relationships and trust, as well as their respective careers as a Producer, and photographer and drone pilot.

Thank you to the volunteers of TOGA for their work and dedication to creating such a fantastic evening.

A special thank you to both Fiona Eagger and Fiona Lake for attending, it was greatly appreciated by all.

Read more about our incredible speakers below:

Fiona Eagger (YG 1979) is one of Australia’s most versatile producers working across both film and television, specialising in drama production. You can watch her Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries spin-off, Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries Thursday evenings on Channel 7 at 8.30pm.

Fiona Lake (McKindlay) (YG 1979) is a well-recognised photographer of rural Australia and one of the few female drone pilots in the country. In 2018, Fiona was named by Chicago-based ‘Women and Drones’ as one of ten ‘Women to Watch in UAS’, for her work helping rural women take up drone flying.

TOGA Golf Report

Another beautiful day greeted us as we headed down to Flinders Golf Club for the Annual TOGA Golf Day on Friday 19 October 2018. Di Thompson (Landy) (YG 1956), Clare Vance (McDonald) (YG 1957), Joan Hoyle (Nairn) (YG 1952), Marg Carroll (Byrne) (YG 1969), Sue Semmens (YG 1978), Lyn Coutie (Stevenson) (YG 1970), Sue-Virginia Mackay (O’Hanlon) (YG 1971), Melinda Thomas (YG 1983) and this year Nancy Findlay (Fahey) (YG 1956) was able to join the group, that once again enjoyed the spectacular scenery that is such a part Flinders Golf Club. Melinda had the best score with 31 pts, followed by Lyn and Marg; Melinda also got Nearest the Pin, with Sue-Virginia taking out the longest drive. A delightful lunch was then had in the clubhouse with much lively conversation enjoyed by all.

A trip down the Peninsula to Sorrento Golf Club was required for this year’s Annual Women’s Interschool Golf Challenge Cup, held on Monday 1 April 2019. Celebrating its 90th year, the Tintern team of Sue Semmens (YG 1978), Lyn Coutie (Stevenson) (YG 1970), Jacky Clark (Bovell) (YG 1968) and Melinda Thomas (YG 1983) (photographed below) was keen to claim the cup for a first time in this milestone year and the lovely, calm conditions of the day boded well for some good golf on this testing but pretty golf course. The very respectable aggregate score of 115, however, wasn’t quite enough to clinch the deal; it seemed that a bit of local knowledge was needed with Sorrento members taking out both individual grades and helping Korowa take the title with a score of 134. Fintona came second with 130pts and Toorak College 129pts.

If you’re interested in joining the TOGA golfers, please contact Melinda Thomas on 0417 508 725.



Archive Images

Please enjoy a selection of photos from our Archives. If you have photos you would like to share and add to the Archives from anytime time in our history, please send them to communityrelations@tintern.vic.edu.au. We can also scan in original images and return them to you, either by post or through a visit to the school.