06 Aug 2020

Welcome to Issue 5

Please enjoy our second Alumni newsletter of 2020 and our fifth edition since launching in 2019.

The current situation has seen the disappointing but necessary cancellation or postponement of many of our scheduled events, including the Spring Celebration and Spring Garden Tour. Sadly for our Alumni, this has meant the postponement of our Reunion Festival to 2021, though we have found other ways to celebrate which you can learn more about here. 

For the safety of our Community, it has also been necessary to postpone the High Tea Reunions scheduled for Friday 13 November to 2021 (date to be confirmed). This event would have been a celebration for the 50 (1970), 55 (1965) and 60 year (1960) Reunions. If you are in these year groups please ensure we have your current mailing address, as we are preparing a special treat for you all later this term.

We were pleased to launch our Business Directory in Term 2, aimed at supporting the businesses of our Alumni and broader school community. You can join our business register by filling out our online form here.

As we experience the economic and health effects of COVID-19, the selfless actions by so many in our community in giving to others at this time is even more amazing. Across our broader community the spirit of philanthropy has shown a level of generosity that speaks loudly and clearly of our community’s commitment to its values and to each other.

You may have already seen our Annual Appeal reached out asking our supporters if they would consider donating a gift to the Bursary Fund to directly support current families who are experiencing financial hardship paying school fees, as part of this year’s ‘Every Gift Counts’ Appeal.

We have had an incredible response from our wider community, past parents, Board members, staff and you, our alumni, and for your contributions so far we are truly grateful. It should also be acknowledged that more than 15% of our current families have donated their Term 2 fee rebate back to support the Bursary Fund. In addition, we established a tax deductible Scholarship Fund to assist families who could not otherwise access a Tintern education. Our Principal, Brad Fry, has said, “I find it difficult to adequately express my own gratitude to everyone who has contributed to both these funds. I offer my deepest thanks, both for their support of what we stand for as a community, and on behalf of those families they have helped. It has been heart-warming to hear and read the thanks of those families we have all been able to support, and I am not afraid to say that during some of the difficult times over the last three or four months, they have been a source of comfort and buoyancy for me.”

We hope you enjoy this issue of the Alumni Newsletter. We welcome any feedback on this, or if you would just like to touch base. Tegan or myself can be contacted by email communityrelations@tintern.vic.edu.au or by phone on 03 9845 7877. 

From Left: Di Lacey, Alumni and Community Relations Manager, and Tegan Martin, Community Relations Administration Assistant


Reunion Festival – 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 & 45 Year Reunions

Please Note: The final day for submissions has been extended to Wednesday 12 August 2020. Please read below for further information.

2020 has been a year that will go down in history, for many reasons. The events we looked forward to celebrating together have been postponed or cancelled, to keep ourselves and our communities safe.

It is with disappointment we have written to those in the Class of 2000, 1995, 1990, 1985, 1980 and 1975 to notify them of the postponement of their Year Group Reunion, with the celebrations at Tintern moved to 2021.

Though we cannot come together as a group this year, we can still celebrate!

To commemorate the Reunion, please join us in sharing a video or written message. We will be preparing a commemorative booklet, sharing photos from your time at Tintern, as well as messages from your peers. You can also send a video message to us, which we will collate and share early August to coincide with the original Reunion Date.

Register your Participation

When registering you will have the option to complete your written biography and upload your photos and video message for sharing. Alternatively, you can register now and upload your information later using the links below.

Please register your participation by Wednesday 12 August 2020 by selecting the appropriate link below:

Written Biography

When registering you can choose to include a written message for sharing with your peers in the booklet. Or you can send us your submission here by email.

Sharing a Video Message

Once you have recorded your video message, please select the link below to upload your submission to us:

When typing in your surname, please also include your surname used at School, if applicable.

Please note that you can only upload the video, you cannot view others or delete your submission.
Contact us if you require any assistance.

Sharing Photos

Do you have photos from your time at Tintern that you would like to share? You can submit photos for inclusion in the booklet by email, please include a short description to accompany the image/s.


The Facebook event for each year group can be accessed here.

Can you help us find these people?

We have lost contact with a number of people in each of these Year Groups. Can you help us?
If you are in contact with anyone listed below, could you please they make contact with us at Tintern. They can update their details online here.

YG 2000

YG 1995

YG 1990

YG 1985

YG 1980

YG 1975

BELL, Lina BAKER, Justine ADAMS, Brooke BAIL, Susan ABBOTT, Meredith BARBER, Beatrix
BELL, Zoe BISHOP, Elissa AMIET, Jodie BENYON, Caroline BETTIOL, Lisa CAMPBELL, Penny
BOURN, Miranda CHOI, Mei Yan (Joyce) BALAN, Grace CANNON, Helen HOWITT, Annette DOWKER, G (G N)
BRACKENRIDGE, Sarah CRAIG, Seona BARR, Elizabeth CARNELL, Anne KAY, Jennifer GRACE, Margaret
CAULTON, Victoria DORRELL, Airlie BAXTER, Katherine CORIDAS, Larissa PROSSER, Dale LEE, Ben Lee
CORNISH, Fiona DUKE, Renee BECK, Amanda DANNE, Katrina SEARBY, Elizabeth PAGE, Trudy
DE WET-JONES, Ainslee FERON, Caroline BOWTELL, Tania DE VRIES, Trudy SHUGG, Catherine PURDIE, Michelle
DOWN, Lauren FREEMAN, Suzanne BRADBURY, Katrina FARLEY, Petra TAYLOR, Rhonda RUTTER, Georgina
EAMES, Rebecca (Bella) GRAHN, Kristin BRITTON, Nicole FELL, Fiona TINNEY, Melissa  
EELES, Jessica GRAY, Kylie BROADBENT, Catherine GRAZE, Janine VIVIAN, Cheryl  
EGAN, Caroline GUNAWAN, Helen CARSON, Danielle HARRIS, Kurstin WHITE, Kerryn  
EVANS, Kara HASLER, Josephine CATHERALL, Sarah HILL, Bronwyn    
FEALY, Jessie HOLLOWAY, Liberty CHEN, Lu LAWSON, Angela    
FOSTER, Sally HORTON, Brooke CIURLIONIS, Rachel LEE, Yan Yan    
FRANCIS, Lauren HSIEH, Chia-Jung (Cecelia) CLEMENTS, Joanne LEUNG, O (O I) Amy    
FREEGARD, Jacqueline HUANG, Sandy COCU, Shelley LIM, H (H C), June    
HEWAT, Skye O’NEILL, Rebecca DANKS, Sophia LUMSDEN, Jocelyn    
HINDS, Elizabeth READ, Tracy DEWEY, Yolanda MANLEY, Sarah    
HUTCHINGS, Jenny RICCI, Megan DOWNS, Georgina MCKERROW, Fiona    
IMBERGER, Samantha (Sam) ROBERTS, Sally DUMMETT, Sallie METCALF, Cressida    
JONES, Rebecca-Ann (Rebecca) SIEBEL, Christina EDWARDS, Naomi MILLER, Megan    
JOYNER, Riannon SIMPSON, Sarah FIX, Caroline MUNTZ, Fiona    
KENNETT, Suzie THURLOW, Jacqueline (Jacqui) FULLWOOD, Penne NG, Y (Y W) Linda    
KRESKAS, Melissa WINCER, Penelope GANEY, Louise REARDON, Christine    
LAWRENCE, Rachel WOO, Esther GARNER, Rachael RENNIE, Sarah-Jane    
LEUNG, Pak Sze (Patsy) YAP, Ying (Ying Nee) GAWLEY, Emma STONE, Janette    
LYNCH, Jennifer YAU, Vanessa GILBERT, Kristan STROBEL, Michelle    
MASSEY, Christen YUEN, Lok (Lillian) GILL, Leanne SYMES, Narelle    
MAYER, Caroline   GLENDENNING, Jodie TAIT, Karen    
MCGANNON, Kate   GOODMAN, Naomi TAYLOR, Jacqui    
MILLAR, Ellen   GRAHAM, Amanda TESTER, Helen    
MYERS, Amy   GRAY, Anthea TOONE, Georgia    
NASCIMENTO, Beatriz (Bia)   HALL, Nardia TRIHEY, Zara    
NUTBEAN, Megan   HISCOCK, Sharmaine WATSON, Natalie    
PAL, Sarah   HOCKLEY, Jane WELCH, Carolyn    
PELLY, Sonia   JACKSON, Selina WILLIAMS, Adele    
RAMSAY, Skye   JAKS, Rebecca YEUNG, C (C Y) Irene    
ROSS, Zoe   JOHNSTON, Sophie YOUNG, Mia    
SMITH, Imogen   KEATING, Elizabeth      
TACY, Emma   KNOX, Angela      
TAN, Sarah   KOH, Yik      
THAMSUNTORN, Varalee   LO, Lai      
ULLMANN, Marietta   LONGWILL, Emma      
VAN KEULEN, Kimberley   MCMILLAN, Jo-Anne      
WADE, Georgina (Gina)   MCMILLAN, Kate      
WEBB, Erin   MILES, Peta      
WEBSTER, Katherine   MITCHELL, Sarah      
WILLIAMS, Crystal   MOORE, Amanda      
    MOORE, Rebecca      
    MOSS, Simone      
    MUGGRIDGE, Kirsten      
    NELSEN, Joanne      
    O’NEILL, Kirsten      
    ONG, Angeline      
    PARRY, Amelia      
    POWER, Genevieve      
    REYNOLDS, Simone      
    RIZGALLA, Nicole      
    ROBINSON, Dana      
    ROSS, Lynda      
    SAVAGE, Jeanne      
    SAWYER, Richelle      
    SCHIAVELLO, Wendy      
    SHANAHAN, Anna      
    SHAW, Heidi      
    SKEWES, Claudine      
    SMEDLEY, Vanessa      
    SMITH, Sarah      
    TANG, Idy      
    THOMPSON, Dianne      
    THOMPSON, Emma      
    TOOHER, Phillipa      
    TSAO, Cynthia      
    VAN HEERDEN, Vermercia      
    VOICE, Shona      
    VON VONNO, Nyanza      
    WIELAND, Eliza      
    WILLIAMS, Megan      
    WILSON, Amanda      
    WOOD, Amber      



Please contact us on 03 9845 7877 or by email.

Update your details

You can update your details online at any time here. Please ensure we have your current postal address.

Please share with others in your network and we look forward to hearing from you soon.


Class of 2015 – 5 Year Reunion

Book your ticket now for your 5 year Reunion on Friday 9 October 2020 from 7.30pm at Beer Deluxe in Hawthorn.

Enjoy a drink on us, delicious food platters and a catch up with some of your Tintern teachers.

Please note the additional change of date due to restrictions (originally 17 July, and then 28 August).

Friday 9 October 2020 from 7.30pm

The Hop Lounge at Beer DeLuxe, Hawthorn
329 Hawthorn Road, Hawthorn

Extra food and drinks available for purchase on the night.

Book your ticket here by the 2 October 2020

From your Year Group please contact Chase Young or Fraser Kenny via DM.
Or contact us at Tintern Grammar.

Please ensure we have your current email address to notify you quickly of any possible changes due to Covid19 Restrictions. You can update your details here.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Alumni News

Jo Newton (YG 2006)

Congratulations to Dr Jo Newton (YG 2006) on being awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) in the 2020 Queen’s Birthday Honours List. She received this for her contribution to agriculture through her advocacy and support of young people, volunteering and contribution to dairy science.

Jo Newton works as a research scientist for Agriculture Victoria. As a Geneticist, her research explores how new DNA tools can support dairy farmers to produce safe, affordable, nutritious milk in a sustainable way. Jo also mentors and advocates for young people through her volunteer work with not-for-profit organisations like Picture You in Agriculture.

You can read more about her achievement here.

Vishnu Pillay and Jasmin Amiet (YG 2019) – Maroondah Pure Talent Exhibition

Congratulations to Vishnu Pillay and Jasmin Amiet (YG 2019) who are both featured in the Maroondah Top Talent Exhibition. This exhibition highlights the creative talents and abilities of young people to engage and inspire their community.

Vishnu’s work is titled Roots and he has said of this piece, “Roots, composed of wire, string and thread explores the idea of character within humans, drawing comparisons between humans and the natural state. The piece aims to express the manner in which it is our unique roots that build the foundation of our character and individuality.”

Jasmin’s work is titled Lucy and is named for her 20 year old cousin. Jasmin says, “Lucy is a person in my life who inspires me, guides me and supports me through all walks of life ever since I was born. I wanted to paint a piece that encapsulated her aura, liveliness, friendliness and humour.”

Visit the Exhibition online here.

Dani Venn (YG 2003)

Congratulations to Dani Venn on her partnership with Eastland, sharing a wonderful range of ‘Winter Warmer’ recipes to help us get through the cold months ahead.

The recipes are delicious, simple and budget-friendly recipes the whole family will love!

You may know her as The Wholehearted Cook or a familiar face from the kitchens of MasterChef Australia, but for the winter weeks ahead Dani has teamed up with Eastland to become their resident foodie queen! 

You can view her recipes here.

Image Credit: Danie Venn #thewholeheartedcook

Max Reilly (YG 2015) and Vishnu Pillay (YG 2019)

Congratulations to Max Reilly (YG 2015), supported by Vishnu Pillay (YG 2019), who completed the Bali Hope Challenge this weekend, running 84 km along the Warburton Trail to raise money for the Bali Children Foundation.

Originally the Bali Hope Ultra Marathon, where participants were to run 84 km across Bali overnight, the global Covid19 Pandemic saw the event completed individually by each person.

Max has logged 1251.78 km in total training, and has raised more than $4,000 toward helping provide an educational pathway for disadvantaged Balinese children. 

Max has said, “Growing up in Southeast Asia, I’ve seen first-hand the struggles countless lives face every day.  The work of the Bali Children Foundation is truly astounding. We can help them make a difference by raising money and giving whatever we can.”

You can donate to Max’s campaign here.

Eliza Harvey (YG 2017)

Congratulations to Alumna Eliza Harvey (YG 2017) for being nominated as an Eventing Top Ten Finalist as part of the Equestrian Victoria Young Ambassador of the Year program.
The award is aimed at recognising athletes who demonstrate outstanding sportsmanship, performance, contribution to sport and leadership qualities in their chosen discipline.
Since graduating from Tintern, Eliza has since moved to the UK to study at the Hartpury University in the UK, studying Equestrian Sports Science (BSc).


Fiona Lake (YG 1979)

Fiona Lake (YG 1979) has been awarded the 2020 Star Prize for this incredible image. Fiona took this award-winning photograph during the celebrations of the 95th anniversary of the last service by the Cobb & Co coach between Surat and Yuleba in Queensland.
To view Fiona’s photography and to read about her journey as a Photographer visit here: https://www.fionalake.com.au/


Dr Amelia Lake (YG 1985)

Dr Amelia Lake is a behavioural scientist and Research Fellow in the School of Psychology at Deakin University. Amelia has worked in psychological research for almost two decades. Her main research interests are in public health, specifically the application of health psychology to promoting health behaviour change and chronic condition self-management. She completed her PhD at The Australian Centre for Behavioural Research in Diabetes, a partnership for better health between Diabetes Victoria and Deakin University.

Amelia feels that her secondary education provided the foundation to a lifelong love of learning. Her advice to students considering a career in psychology is to take a long-term perspective because qualification as a psychologist takes at least six years training. Psychology is a profession that values life experience, so embrace the enriching aspects of life along the way. These include family, sport, personal interests and travel.

Psychology qualifications can lead to a range of careers. If considering a PhD, Amelia’s advice is to make sure that you follow your passion. In her teens, Amelia’s grandmother suddenly and irreversibly lost sight in both eyes. Sadly, her vision loss was preventable, if detected early via a standard eye examination. This experience prompted strong passion for preventative health. Amelia’s PhD, which was funded by Vision 2020 Australia, focused on using best practice methodologies and psychological principles to promote uptake of eye examinations for people at risk of vision loss.  Her research has been recognised internationally, with a highlight being an invited presentation at the Royal Society of Medicine in London.

On a personal level, friendships forged at Tintern have been lifelong, with past students among Amelia’s closest friends. Amelia loves sport and achieved a black belt in Taekwondo in her twenties, a discipline that she taught for many years. Amelia is a distance runner, travels widely and is married with two sons who are following their own passions in medicine and law.

Alex Zaccaria (YG 2006)

Congratulations to Alumnus Alex Zaccaria (YG 2006) on reaching the milestone of five million users on his online platform Linktree, Alex recently spoke to our students at the Founder’s Service earlier this year.

Co-founded by Alex, his brother Anthony and friend Nick Humphreys, Linktree allows users to add a link in their social media bio to direct friends and fans to multiple pages. Linktree counts the likes of Alicia Keys, Selena Gomez, Gary Vee, Elizabeth Warren and even Greenpeace as clients.

Scotty James (YG 2013)

Scotty James (YG 2013) has taken home the overall title Crystal Globe for all Freestyle snowboarding disciplines – covering Park & Pipe, Halfpipe, Slopestyle and Big Air, an incredible achievement. Congratulations Scotty.

Helen Reddy (YG 1958)

Congratulations to Helen Reddy (YG 1958) whose biopic I Am Woman streams on Stan from the 28 August 2020. This original film tells Helen’s story; a fearlessly ambitious and passionate singer who wrote and sang the song “I Am Woman”, which went on to become the anthem for the women’s movement in the 1970s.

An inaugural Tintern Avenue of Excellence inductee, you can read more about Helen here.

Karen Gately (YG 1988)

Alumna Karen Gately (YG 1988) was a guest on The Project on Channel 10 on the 22 June, in a segment discussing working from home. Karen is the author of two books: The Corporate Dojo: driving extraordinary results through spirited people and The People Manager’s Toolkit, to learn more about Karen and her inspiring work visit – https://www.corporatedojo.com/karen-gately

To view the segment select here.

Aimee Spears (YG 2013)

Alumna Aimee Spears (YG 2013) is making and selling reusable Adult and Child masks. The masks are double layered linen or cotton and have a slit in the back to put in a filter if you wish, all masks are machine washable. If you are interested in purchasing a mask, you can contact Aimee via the link below.







Siobhan (Mitchell, YG 2001) and Christopher Feldt welcomed their daughter Ella Margaret Kardinia Feldt on 16 February 2019. Ella has strong Tintern roots – she is granddaughter to former Tintern farm manager, Rupert Feldt (1986-2001), niece to Karen Gately (Mitchell, YG 1988) and Tania Rentsch (Feldt, YG 1996) and Goddaughter to Annie Hodder (YG 2001).

Haylee Heywood (Parfett, YG 2003) and husband Todd, welcomed their first child, Finley Gareth James on the 14 of February 2020. A very precious, healthy, happy boy!

Kathleen Sheehy (YG 2006) and her husband Jason Ryan welcomed their daughter Róisín Ryan on the 9 December 2018. Her proud big sisters Keira, Ashling and Aoife were very excited to meet their little sister.

Karen Tipping (YG 1998) and her partner, Andrew Newall, welcomed their son Thomas ‘Tommy’ on the 7 November 2019. A much loved little brother for Oliver ‘Ollie’.

Natalie Upjohn (YG 2006) and Cameron Waters welcomed Billie Winifred Waters on the 28 February 2020, weighing 3.1kgs. A little sister for proud big brother Thomas.


Celia Bray (YG 1989) married Moses Audi on the 19 March 2020 at her brother’s property in Kinglake Victoria. Moses Otieno Audi and Celia met when she was working in Kenya in 2012.

Sarah Lerpiniere and Ben Ryding (both YG 2011) were married at Fitzroy Gardens followed by a relaxed food truck reception at the Ascot Lot on the 11 January 2020. 

The wedding party included Madison Carter (YG 2011), Sarah’s sister Elise Lerpiniere (YG 2008) and Ben’s sister Jessica Ryding (YG 2014). With other past and present Tintern students and families in attendance. 

Surrounded by friends and family, the day was joyous; full of love, laughter, delicious food and fabulous music.

Louise (Nixon) and Gene Gysberts (both YG 2009) were married at Stones of the Yarra Valley on the 14 April 2019. The bridal party included Gene’s brother, Louis Gysberts (YG 2008), Michael Spinks (YG 2009), and Louise’s sisters, Emily Nixon (YG 2007) and Brianna Nixon (YG 2012). There were also many more Tintern and Southwood alumni in attendance.

Gene has said, “Louise and I were friends during our school days, but we started dating at the start of 2010. 9 years later we were married and we are now approaching our first anniversary! “


Lia Burton (YG 1990) Passed away peacefully on the 29 June 2018.  Much loved Mum to Zoe, Eadie and Mackie. Loving partner to Rohan, daughter-in-law of Ray. Treasured daughter of Robyn and Neville, sister to Jono and Scottie and sister-in-law to Leanne, loved aunt of Abbey and Finn.

Lesley Buttery (Erwin YG 1951) passed away peacefully on 18 December 2019, aged 85. Beloved Granny of Natalie, Isabella, Martin, Lili and Asha. Mother of Jon, Jim and Charles. Mother-in-law of Diana, Poranee and Geeta. Sister to Patricia (dec YG 1950), Jan (dec) and Peter. A sweet, wise and gentle woman adored by many.

Elissa Cartlidge (YG 1990) passed away on the 4 November 2017 at only 44 years old. Taken from us well before her time. Adored mother to Lachlan and Bailey. Sister of Sharon Collins (Cartlidge, YG 1984), Belinda Garbett (Cartlidge, YG 1983) and Justine May (Cartlidge, YG 1986). Her courage and strength an inspiration to all.

Michelle Flouch (YG 1984) passed away on the 18 May 2020. Michelle will be remembered as the joyful life of the party, a mad sports fan, enthusiastic hockey player and Goalie coach. Representing Victoria from 1982 – 1996 and in various National squads from 1988 – 1994 including emergency goalkeeper for the Hockeyroos in the 1988 Olympics.

Since retiring as a player, Michelle continued coaching, holding various roles in different club, state teams and the National Program. During 2019 Michelle was assistant coach and specialist Goal Keeping coach at the Victorian Institute of Sport.

As well as on the field, Michelle delivered her love of Sport and Hockey through her teaching career at many government schools and as Head of Sport/Physical Education at Melbourne Girls Grammar from 2003.In 2008 she left teaching to take up a Logistics role in the family Manchester business, Endeavour Imports. Battling her illness for 2 years Michelle can now rest in peace. She will be dearly missed.

Beverley Goodall (Cousins YG 1953) Passed away peacefully after a short illness, aged 83 years.

Heather Howey (Storie YG 1944) passed away peacefully on the 5 March 2020. Beloved wife of Russell Howey (dec.). Sister of Joan Storie (YG 1943 dec.). Forever in our hearts.
Helen Montgomery (YG 1953) Youngest daughter of the late William and Beryl Montgomery and loved sister-in-law of Margaret Stewart (Knox YG 1941 dec). Died peacefully at The Gables, Camberwell on the 13 June 2020.

Judith Roberts (Gamble YG 1958) Sadly after a long battle, Judy passed away on 19 June 2020.  Much loved wife of Richard, Mother, Mother-in-law and Granny. Sister of Susan Purton-Smith (Gamble, YG 1961).

Joan Vail (YG 1942) peacefully passed away on the 26 July 2020 at Epworth Hospital Richmond. Auntie Joan to Greg, Linc, Jan, Leigh and families. We will miss you and cherish the memories of our times together.

Community Deaths

Henry Leopold Speagle OAM 28/2/1928 – 1/6/2020

The Tintern Community mourns the passing of Henry Speagle OAM. Henry joined the Tintern Community in 1962 as an appointee of the Archbishop-In-Council. Member of the School Council for nearly 40 years Henry was Deputy Chair between 1990 and 2000 before retiring in 2000.

Henry was an instrumental member of the sub-committee charged with the writing and publishing of the Centenary School History celebrated in 1977. In 2001 Henry was inducted as a Life Governor of the School. Henry contributed enormously to the strength and development of Tintern Grammar and in his honour, in 1991, the Science block of classrooms was named after him and honoured again in 2019 when the building was refurbished.

Until recently Henry and his wife, Jean were regular special guests, supporting our community events whenever they could. Henry will be dearly missed. The Tintern Community extends its condolences to his wife Jean, their son, Donald, and their broader family. At the request of Henry’s family, in lieu of flowers donations may be made to the School’s Scholarship Endowment Fund providing financial support for students. May he rest in peace and rise with Christ in glory.



Front-line of Covid19

We have been reaching out to those in the community who are working at the forefront of COVID-19.

Cam Hoskins (YG 2009)

Alumnus Cam Hoskins (YG 2009) shares his day-to-day experiences in his role as a paramedic.

“It has now been three years since I started my career as a paramedic working with Ambulance Victoria. I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone. I entered this profession to make a difference in the lives of people. I believe being a paramedic helps me to build a good and respectable reputation, it gives a strong career foundation and growth including giving me a huge variety of experiences. It most definitely gives me an extremely strong sense of fulfilment.

As a paramedic I need to show resilience every day, not just at the moment as we all go through what could possibly be a once in a lifetime pandemic. Resilience is the ability to cope with unexpected changes and challenges in your life. Being called in to help someone who is not well, scared and extremely vulnerable can be very stressful not only for me and my partner but also for the families of the patient. We unfortunately cannot prevent this stressful situation from happening but every day my experiences grow, and I feel stronger in my capacity to deal with these challenges.

Moving forward I can only say that to date in Australia have been very successful in reducing the transmission of COVID19. As restrictions start to ease, we as a society need to continue to listen to our politicians and medical experts. We need to heed their advice and continue our physical distancing, keep social activities to a minimum and very importantly keep up with the PPE and the handwashing. Get tested immediately if you have the most minor symptoms. Outbreaks will occur and they will continue to be addressed quickly by case and contact management. To help with this we all need to download the COVID safe app. Continue to stay safe and look out for each other and we will get through this.”


Nicola Hogan (YG 2011) 

Since leaving school, I have completed 5 years of undergraduate medicine at Monash University. Currently I am working at Eastern Health as a Medical Registrar, and am preparing for my last exam in Basic Physician Training before specialising.

The hospital has transformed rapidly since March as we test and treat patients with COVID-19. The most dramatic change has been creating new wards and teams responsible for patients who are positive or have been tested for COVID-19. Presently I am working in ICU at Box Hill Hospital where we have looked after several confirmed and suspected COVID-19 patients. It has been a learning experience for all involved, including keeping up to date with the latest medical guidelines and making sure we don and doff protective equipment correctly.

COVID-19 has changed many aspects of our work and has seen an increase in our use of zoom meetings! The hardest part has been the restriction on visitors in ICU (and COVID wards). While patients have a great team of staff looking after them, they do not replace the physical presence of family and friends at their bedside. Whilst we have all seen changes in education across the board, COVID-19 has also changed education in the hospital system. Medical students are now learning remotely rather than being on the wards.

We are fortunate in Australia that our politicians and leaders acted so swiftly to prevent the rapid case load we have seen overseas. Everyone has been incredibly supportive of the front line workers and I’ve been really touched by the outpouring of gratitude and generosity from the community and numerous individuals. I would encourage people to continue their great work in social distancing as restrictions ease. It is a team effort and we are all in this together!


Bianca Jackson (Comfort, YG 2007)

Since becoming qualified as a psychologist I have worked in lots of interesting roles, such as consulting on medical wards at a major teaching hospital, and working in an overseas prison with clients facing the death penalty, however, working during COVID-19 has been an equally interesting and new experience.  

I am grateful that I have had job security during this time, and have been able to work from the safety of my own home. Thankfully, as a response to the pandemic, Medicare introduced new funding for all Australians to access health services remotely (“Telehealth”). Previously, only people living in certain regional or remote areas could access Telehealth services.

It has been an interesting shift to working remotely, as initially it felt awkward and both my clients and I noted the difference. Over time, however, it has started to become normal and I have been pleased to see how my clients have adapted to the new method of interaction. Some of my clients even now prefer videoconferencing to face-to-face sessions! For some it has allowed them more time back in their day from travelling to appointments, opened up more times for attending sessions, or allowed people to feel more comfortable in their own familiar space when discussing sensitive topics.

Whilst many of my clients have experienced difficulties due to COVID-19, some have reported several unexpected positives such as improved relationships, an improved sense of connectedness, better work/life balance, and increased and more flexible access to services. As restrictions begin to ease, I hope we can reflect on our experiences of this pandemic, learning from the hardships, and maintain some of the positives. Personally, I hope to see more flexible work arrangements for all, an increase in the availability of health services via Telehealth, and more deliberate and meaningful connections with friends and family.

If you are struggling with your mental health, please reach out for support. You can speak to your GP or contact Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800, Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636, or Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Cahill Stevens (YG 2012)

Having some failures along the way is considered fairly normal for a Pilot in training. As a Pilot you are always learning; you learn from your mistakes and keep working to achieve your goal. A skill that is important in both the workplace and school.

I had the opportunity to return to Tintern in 2015 during my final year of my degree speaking with the Year 10 and 11 students about Aviation. I focused on how piloting could be rewarding a career path, particularly for girls. We had identified there is a shortfall of women in this field, and this initiative was a part of a ‘Promoting Women in Aviation’ study we were presenting to Schools in Eastern Melbourne and Swinburne University.

 Initially my career as a Pilot started as a courier driver with TasFast, the freight arm of Vortex Air. It was a chance phone call to a friend that led to this opportunity. My job was to collect freight from around Melbourne, deliver to Tullamarine or Moorabbin for distribution locally and globally. This gave me a great insight into logistics and, after 18 months, the company ‘gave me a shot’ on some training flights where I was accepted to fly for Vortex.

I began single pilot flights at night over the Bass Strait taking freight to mainland Tasmania and King Island. Starting as a single pilot in a small twin engine aircraft over Bass Strait at night is daunting to say the least! You face adverse weather and flying conditions, possibly not experienced in other flying roles. Six months later I was upgraded to a passenger pilot, flying Golfers to some of the best courses in Australia, as well as fire fighter transport throughout Victoria during our fire season. Within 12 months I was given the opportunity to fly the Beech 1900 as a First Officer, and within 6 months of that I was upgraded to Captain.

The aviation industry is a very tight knit community. Networking is best done by maintaining good relationships, positive Airman-ship and talking with people you’ve met along the way. People you train with, instructors who trained you or colleagues are always on different pathways and therefore hold valuable information that you may not have.

I find the best skill is the ability to be flexible. You may not always have opportunities to do things your way which can be challenging, but if you can master flexibility, you’ll really be able to manage challenging environments. I’ve had a few challenges in my short time flying; storms, emergencies and failures, through to sick passengers. These all add to the experience bank and make me better prepared for the future. My goal is to one day be a Captain with Qantas and I believe my current role is really setting me up for a great future in this field.

Donna Pouw (YG 2009)

I was a bit of an all-rounder at Tintern Girls Grammar and loved to participate in sports, dancing and musicals. In my final year at Tintern I was an Oaktree Foundation Vice Captain and it’s fortuitous that in this role, I found my unexpected enthusiasm for coordinating a charity event for the school, which led to my career interest in marketing.

After university I worked at a number of Melbourne based marketing agencies to build up my skills. Some of my career highlights to date include securing the front page story of the Sunday Age for White Night Melbourne for my client Visit Victoria, hosting iconic British band Spandau Ballet and international model Gigi Hadid in the Emirates Marquee at the Melbourne Cup Carnival, and traveling to the remote Tiwi Islands in the Northern Territory to provide communications support for local Aboriginal artists.

Amongst the various projects and exciting experiences I gained from working agency-side, I was seeking a broader marketing role that aligned with my personal values and provided support and change for the community. This led me to working at Victoria Police as a Senior Marketing Advisor, developing and implementing behaviour change, social marketing and advertising campaigns that help keep the community safe.

I would usually say building resilience and adapting to change are all too common phrases you will hear when working in communications, but this is now something we are all experiencing within the community due to Covid-19. I have so much respect for those on the frontline who are working to keep our community safe on a daily basis. It’s a difficult and uncertain time for many, and while we’ve certainly not returned to our sense of ‘normal’, I hope everyone is staying connected with family and friends, seeking the support they need and most importantly, staying safe.


Alumni – Recent Appointments

Successful Appointments

Covid-19 hasn’t slowed our alumni down in their professional development.  The following alumni have recently taken on new challenges.
We congratulate each and every one of them on their hard work to get where they are. All the best for 2020 and beyond:

If you would like yo let us know of your own, or another Alumni’s, recent new position please contact us by email to communityrelations@tintern.vic.edu.au or connect with us on LinkedIn.


Community Business Directory

Tintern Grammar Community Business Listing

To further support our strong community and fellowship, Tintern Grammar has established a Community Business Directory. You can view the current listings here,  we invite you to support these local businesses.

We understand that the constantly changing situation with COVID-19 has impacted businesses across our community, therefore if you are currently reshaping your business model to accommodate the changing landscape or simply wanting to share new business offers, you can now join our business register by filling out our online form here

We look forward to supporting your business. 


Connection to Tintern: Alumni (YG 1998)

We are a physiotherapy practice who provides high quality physio, exercise and rehabilitation, Clinical Pilates and Women’s Health Physio to our local clientele.


We have a Free Initial Assessment for all new clients and all new injuries so as you can find out if we can help you. We will extend a $30 off your first treatment when mentioning this offer.


Connection to Tintern: Alumni (YG 1990)

We provide efficient, customer focused expertise and assist clients with the knowledge necessary to buy, sell, subdivide and transfer property in Geelong and all over Victoria -from taking initial instructions to completing settlement on your behalf.

  • Complete purchase of property transactions
  • Complete sale of property transactions
  • Complete transfer of property ownership btwn spouses
  • Register subdivisions of land


Cultivating Positivity™ is about unlocking our strengths and achieving our true potential to thrive. Using Positive Psychology strategies and theories, Cultivating Positivity™ programs are sure to become an integral part of your wellbeing.


Currently offering a FREE 1 Hour Emotional Wellbeing Presentation to all school and business for the month of July & August. Enquire within.





Calendar 2020

2020 Reunions

Year Group



Share a video message or photos

2010 10 Year Reunion

Saturday 22 February

View Gallery


2015 5 Year Reunion

Friday 9 October @ 7.30pm Beer Deluxe, Hawthorn

Book here


2000 20 Year Reunion

Postponed to 2021

Register for your 20 Year Reunion here.

Please upload your 20 Year Reunion video submission here.

1995 25 Year Reunion

Postponed to 2021

Register for your 25 Year Reunion here.

Please upload your 25 Year Reunion video submission here.

1990 30 Year Reunion

Postponed to 2021

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1985 35 Year Reunion

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1980 40 Year Reunion

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1975 45 Year Reunion

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Past Staff Reunion

Postponed to 2021

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2005 15 Year Reunion

Postponed to 2021


High Tea Reunion *

Postponed to 2021


** High Tea Reunion – Year Groups: 1970 50 years (Golden reunion), 1965 55 years (Emerald reunion), 1960 60 years (Diamond reunion) and all those earlier and including 1964.

Community Events



Tintern Parent Group Movie Night  and Sustainability Market

Event cancelled for 2020

Friends of Young Farmers Spring Celebration at the Farm

Event Cancelled for 2020

Friends of Music Jazz Night

Friday 11 September 7pm (TBC)

TPG Presentation Ball

Event Postponed to 2021

Celebration Evening

Friday 16 October from 7pm (TBC)

TPG Spring Garden Tour

Event Cancelled for 2020

Tintern Grammar Community Celebration Day

Thursday 5 November – 12noon (TBC)

Principal’s Volunteer Thank You evening

Thursday 26 November 2020 7pm – 8.30pm (TBC)

Munch with the Musos

Sunday 29 November 2020 10.00am to 12.30pm (TBC)

Please be aware that all events are dependent on the situation in relation to the Covid19 virus and may be cancelled if it is not safe to run.

Admissions Tour and Events Dates

At Tintern Grammar we provide many opportunities for families to tour the School. Due to the current Covid19 Pandemic on campus tours have been postponed until further notice.

To view a virtual tour of Tintern Grammar please see select below:

For further information on tours or enrolment at Tintern Grammar, please visit here to view upcoming virtual tour dates and events.


Tintern Old Girls Association (TOGA)

Tintern Old Girls Association AGM 2020

Thank you to all those who attended the Tintern Old Girls Association AGM held on Thursday 30 April 2020 as a ZOOM Meeting.

We are very appreciative of the time and expertise the volunteers of TOGA give to support our School Community, many of whom have been members for many years. Their dedication and commitment to the many Alumni events has been greatly appreciated.

A special thank you to Carol Robertson (Hogan – YG1980), who has been re-elected as President for the 12th year. Carol is a regular contributor at all of our Reunions and we are grateful to have her support for another year.

Thank you to Jenny Brown (YG 1981) who is celebrating her 14th year of dedicating her time and financial skills in managing the portfolios for the Nancy Lancaster Fund, the Life Members Fund and the General TOGA account, and is continuing on the Committee.

Welcome to our 2020 TOGA Committee Members:

  • President: Mrs Carol Robertson (Hogan – YG1980)
  • Vice President: Miss Dani Cox (YG2009)
  • Secretary: Mrs Lynne Franke (Bernadou – YG1958)
  • Treasurer: Ms Jenny Brown (YG1981)

  Committee Members:

  • Miss Olivia Green (YG2010)
  • Mrs Sam Elbers (Fleming – YG1988)
  • Ms Claire Jones (YG1989
  • Miss Alyssa Cameron (YG2010)

We are particularly happy to welcome new Committee Members Sam, Claire and Alyssa to the 2020 Committee.


Tintern Grammar Alumni (TGA)

A TGA Update: Making Progress

During such a challenging time for the entire Tintern Grammar community – it’s been heartening to see students, staff, families and indeed – alumni, rise to the occasion with optimism and innovation.  Never has the statement “tis by deeds” rung truer, and the TGA Committee wishes to acknowledge all those in the community who have been impacted by the pandemic in a variety of ways as we all play our part to get things back on track.

Particularly, a special acknowledgment to our alumni who are on the frontline of this response, using their expertise to help give care to those who need it, or developing tools and mechanisms to overcome the obstacles and challenges the pandemic puts in front of us – we’re very proud of you all.

And that includes teachers, administrators and providers of care to our students, too.

For the TGA Committee – the pandemic may have scuttled some of our early plans to formally launch the Tintern Grammar Alumni in collaboration with you all, however – our work establishing TGA continues.  Since we last spoke, we have formalised our Mission and Vision statements, important foundational components of any new association.

Vision Statement:

We believe in a Tintern Grammar Alumni where deeds speak louder than words – a community that is forward-thinking, inclusive, diverse and connected. We want Tintern Grammar Alumni to be a movement of people where each member is valued and supported to pursue their passions, ambition and interests, empowering us all to give back and help others do the same.

Mission Statement:

Gratitude and pride underpin all that we, the Tintern Grammar Alumni, hope to achieve. Tintern Grammar Alumni is committed to facilitating opportunities and nurturing a sense of belonging. Through our events and communications, we will create inclusive spaces which connect like-minded people; helping them explore ideas, themselves, and the world around them. By building on our strong foundations and values, our mission is to shine a spotlight on what is important to you, so that we may continue to grow and learn together.

So, what do you think? The ownership of TGA is not designated to one person – but to all Tintern Grammar alumni, so we’d like to hear your feedback on the above.  You can email us at alumni@tintern.vic.edu.au and I’ll be sure to respond.  We’re taking feedback until the end Monday 24th of August, and look forward to hearing from you.

So what’s next for TGA?

Well, right now – we’re finalising our foundational strategy, which in light of the pandemic, has evolved and changed. I’m pleased to let you all know that a draft was presented to Brad Fry and other  members of Tintern Grammar recently to ensure we maintain good dialogue with the school and we look forward to consulting our friends at TOGA and SOBA, too.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be launching our presence on Facebook and a new webpage and we’ll be doing so with a very special campaign to launch TGA with you all.

This will be followed by a launch event (online) with a number of other projects in the pipeline to round out the year – projects to both engage and support our existing student cohort, as well as a diverse range of alumni.

In all of this, is you, our alumni.  We’re always looking for more alumni to join our cohort in official and unofficial capacities. And we’re always open to feedback and ideas – a diverse representation of ideas, people and projects is at the heart of the association we’re building.  If you’d like to reach out to discuss this more, email me at alumni@tintern.vic.edu.au

Stay safe and stay well.

Alan White,
President, Tintern Grammar Alumni

P.S – Did you see Tintern’s recent ‘Every Gift Counts’ campaign – to support the Bursary Fund to directly help current families who are experiencing financial hardship paying school fees?  A part of the TGA we wish to create is one which as alumni, gives back to its community. That’s why we’re please to let you all know that the TGA committee members recently pooled together some donations of their own, to donate $250 to the Fund, in solidarity with the Tintern community.


Every Gift Counts in 2020

Every Gift Counts in 2020

This year will be remembered by history for many reasons. But the global impact of Covid-19 will always be the most significant. It has affected us all in many different ways. Some far more than others.

During these challenging times, we have become aware of a significant number of our families who are experiencing enormous economic hardship. In response, we decided to run a different appeal, to ask this year, if our supporters would consider donating a gift to the Bursary Fund to directly support current families who are experiencing financial hardship paying school fees, as part of this year’s ‘Every Gift Counts’ Appeal.

Thank you to everyone who have already donated to our Appeal. We have had an incredible response from our wider community including our past student community. It should also be noted that more than 15% of our current families have donated their COVID-19 fee rebate back to the Bursary Fund.

Please note that donations made to the Tintern Bursary Fund, are not tax deductible. Taxable donations can still be made to the Building and Library funds and in doing so will help alleviate the pressure to access additional funds needed to support the Bursary Fund. In addition, we have recently established a tax deductible Scholarship Fund to assist families who could not otherwise afford a Tintern education.

A donation, of any size, will have an immediate impact and we thank you for your support.

Gifts can be made here: https://www.tintern.vic.edu.au/every-gift-counts-in-2020/


School News

Scholarships Open Now for 2022

We have now opened applications for Scholarships for entry into 2022. Applications close at 4pm on Thursday 24 September 2020.

For information on our Scholarships, please visit here:

The Tintern Grammar Scholarship Fund has been established to support the Academic, General Excellence and Music and Performing Arts Scholarships only.

The Dr Sylvia Walton and Mike Blood scholarships are separate and are not supported by the Tintern Grammar Scholarship Fund.

Please direct any enquiries about Scholarships and Enrolments to our Admissions team via admissions@tintern.vic.edu.au or 03 9845 7878.


International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB DP) at Tintern Grammar

After careful consideration, the Tintern Grammar Board has made the difficult decision to discontinue the offering of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB DP). Our 2021 Year 12 group will be our final graduates from the program, and there will be no Year 11 IB intake for 2021.

We know this will be disappointing for many in our community, but we are confident that Tintern will continue to provide the breadth and challenge of offerings for senior students that will maximise academic and broader development and also offer optimal support for our students’ further studies, whether in Australia or overseas, at the completion of their schooling.

Tintern has offered the IB DP for more than 20 years, and over this time its focus on excellence and well-roundedness has shaped our school’s culture and values. The Tintern Compass values and Learner Profile Attributes will continue to be at the heart of all we do and all we are. Offering both VCE and IB DP pathways limits the opportunities in both qualifications and creates significant inequities for students by offering a different program for a small number of students. In the face of these broader concerns, the value gained from the IB DP is not a sufficient reason to continue offering it as a pathway at Tintern. Over recent months, these constraints have also become far more pressing through the impact of COVID-19 on the School’s community and its operational environment.

This decision will improve the likelihood of VCE students getting their subject preferences and their full course being able to be timetabled in Senior College. Through the VCE we are confident we will meet the needs and preferences of our students and ensure a broad range of opportunities for all students in their senior years at Tintern Grammar.

If you have any questions, please contact Community Relations at Tintern Grammar.

Return to Online Learning for Prep to Year 9 Students

Like many schools in Victoria, Tintern has once again returned to online learning for our students. Our ELC and Senior Students commenced on Monday 13 July and Prep to Year 9 on the Wednesday.

The students and teachers have once again demonstrated resilience, taking to the new challenges with dedication and kindness. We thank them for their willingness to embrace the change, and to act with compassion for everyone in our community. We have also been grateful for the understanding and patience of all our families, both now and throughout 2020.

2020 Junior and Senior Piano Concert Performances

Our magnificent 2020 Junior and Senior Piano Concert performances are now online via the links below:

Goodnight Mr Kenny!

In Term 2 our Junior School students took part in online bedtime stories hosted by Mr Kenny, as he read a book every week to the students before bed and had a special guest say goodnight, watch the video below as you may recognise a few familiar faces.


Tintern Grammar – Virtual Open Day

In this current climate most of our tour opportunities have moved to the online space. If you are looking for a school for your son or daughter or you know of someone who is, please consider Tintern. Remember our alumni receive priority listing. We welcome you to some time to view our online videos.

These can be found here on our Virtual Open Day page where you will hear from our Principal,  Heads of School and Faculties and the most important element, our students.

Wooly Weed Control

We have been kindly offered the use of a flock of Persian Sheep who browse similarly to goats. The sheep are currently involved in a trial weed control program near the bush car park.

We are also hoping this will be a more environmentally friendly option for weed control in both this area of bushland and the bushland between the Senior College and the Farm.

We recently conducted a small trial section in the bushland behind the Maintenance Workshop with some goats and saw great results. We are hoping for the same results from the Persian Sheep.

Sport during Covid19

During the COVID-19 stage three restrictions there were only four reasons that people were allowed to leave their homes. One of those reasons was physical activity and exercise. The state and federal governments recognised the importance of physical activity and exercise for people’s physical and mental wellbeing during the time spent during isolation. The benefits of physical activity and exercise are well known on physical health, but it has become even more apparent that the benefits on mental wellbeing are vital. Exercise is an extremely effective anti-depressant when completed at moderate intensity for 45 minutes three times per week.

It was fantastic to see so many people being active during the isolation period. Families riding bikes together, people walking their dogs, walking and running were popular activities during this time. People were friendly when passing, quite often saying hello or other pleasantries. The isolation period shut down so many of our everyday activities that people now felt that they had the time to be physically active and exercise. A positive out of this situation is that I hope more people will prioritise their physical activity and exercise and remain physically active. As we begin to come out of restrictions as they will have felt the physical and mental benefits it has given them during this time. Physical activity and maintaining fitness were crucial during isolation as all community sport competitions and training had been shut down, so people had to be motivated to get active themselves. People who remained active will benefit when their competitions re commence as they will be fitter than their competitors.

It was tremendous to see the students and staff take part in the Strava challenge of running to Perth and back. The fact that we as a community were able to get there and back so quickly demonstrated that the community valued their physical activity and exercise during this time. Thank you to Stella Burke and Margaret Pywell for organising this activity and to Mr Kenny for the promotion of it.

Ashley Viney
Head of Sport

National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week for 2020 was held the week of the 18 May, and to celebrate we wanted to thank all of our valuable volunteers within the Tintern community.

Our volunteers assist within many areas of Tintern Grammar, from our School Board, assembly speakers, community groups, Fair volunteers, annual event volunteers, fundraiser groups, current students, alumni, current parents, past parents and staff. Our strong sense of community is what truly sets Tintern Grammar apart and we are grateful for your support.


National Volunteer Week

This week is National Volunteer Week and to celebrate we wanted to thank all of our valuable volunteers within the Tintern community. Our volunteers assist within many areas of Tintern Grammar, from our School Board, assembly speakers, community groups, Fair volunteers, annual event volunteers, fundraiser groups, current students, alumni, current parents, past parents and staff. Our strong sense of community is what truly sets Tintern Grammar apart and we are grateful for your support.

Posted by Tintern Grammar on Tuesday, 19 May 2020



Tintern Bazaar in 1915 – Fancy Goods, Flower Stall and Sweet Stall

Boarders in 1937, Miss Wade and students Painting the Cottage Roof in 1942 (different times!), 1946 Dorothy Tugen and friends

Last Days at Tintern 1953, Boarder’s Formal 1959 (YG 1960), YG 1975 as Prep 3