Welcome to Issue 5

Please enjoy our second Alumni newsletter of 2020 and our fifth edition since launching in 2019.

The current situation has seen the disappointing but necessary cancellation or postponement of many of our scheduled events, including the Spring Celebration and Spring Garden Tour. Sadly for our Alumni, this has meant the postponement of our Reunion Festival to 2021, though we have found other ways to celebrate which you can learn more about here. 

For the safety of our Community, it has also been necessary to postpone the High Tea Reunions scheduled for Friday 13 November to 2021 (date to be confirmed). This event would have been a celebration for the 50 (1970), 55 (1965) and 60 year (1960) Reunions. If you are in these year groups please ensure we have your current mailing address, as we are preparing a special treat for you all later this term.

We were pleased to launch our Business Directory in Term 2, aimed at supporting the businesses of our Alumni and broader school community. You can join our business register by filling out our online form here.

As we experience the economic and health effects of COVID-19, the selfless actions by so many in our community in giving to others at this time is even more amazing. Across our broader community the spirit of philanthropy has shown a level of generosity that speaks loudly and clearly of our community’s commitment to its values and to each other.

You may have already seen our Annual Appeal reached out asking our supporters if they would consider donating a gift to the Bursary Fund to directly support current families who are experiencing financial hardship paying school fees, as part of this year’s ‘Every Gift Counts’ Appeal.

We have had an incredible response from our wider community, past parents, Board members, staff and you, our alumni, and for your contributions so far we are truly grateful. It should also be acknowledged that more than 15% of our current families have donated their Term 2 fee rebate back to support the Bursary Fund. In addition, we established a tax deductible Scholarship Fund to assist families who could not otherwise access a Tintern education. Our Principal, Brad Fry, has said, “I find it difficult to adequately express my own gratitude to everyone who has contributed to both these funds. I offer my deepest thanks, both for their support of what we stand for as a community, and on behalf of those families they have helped. It has been heart-warming to hear and read the thanks of those families we have all been able to support, and I am not afraid to say that during some of the difficult times over the last three or four months, they have been a source of comfort and buoyancy for me.”

We hope you enjoy this issue of the Alumni Newsletter. We welcome any feedback on this, or if you would just like to touch base. Tegan or myself can be contacted by email communityrelations@tintern.vic.edu.au or by phone on 03 9845 7877. 

From Left: Di Lacey, Alumni and Community Relations Manager, and Tegan Martin, Community Relations Administration Assistant



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