Tintern Old Girls Association (TOGA)

TOGA, since 1906

As President I attend a number of events throughout the year, most recently, 

  • Combined Reunions
  • Valedictory Assembly, 
  • Valedictory Dinner
  • Spring Celebration lunch
  • Volunteer Thank you Evening


  • Combined Old Girls AGM
  • Tintern Girls Junior Speech Night

TOGA is in the process of revitalising our Women of Influence/AGM event which we will keep you informed about in our Facebook group and our LinkedIn page.

Both are private groups and we welcome you to join.

Our TOGA Committee also welcomes new members, it’s hardly arduous with 4 meetings via zoom each year plus any events. 

The 2022 Committee is:

As always, we like to hear about your news. 

We are also happy to let our members know via our Facebook or Linkedin of any news or business information you would like us to share. 

Carol Robertson (Hogan 1980)
Factis non verbis


Our intrepid team of Sue-Virginia Mackay (O’Hanlon, Class of 1971), Joan Hoyle (Nairn, Class of 1952) and Melinda Thomas (Class of 1983), faced the fairways at Commonwealth on 21 March 2022, to vie for the Interschool Challenge Cup; Sue Semmens (Class of 1978), unfortunately took a fall and was a last-minute medical withdrawal, so we were only a team of three. The championship went to Clarendon on 129 points. Sue has since recovered well.

The TOGA Golf Day was held on 21 October at the beautiful Flinders Golf Club. Despite reports of dubious weather we had 10 fearless old girls arrive to compete. We welcomed new members, Amanda Dyer (Hoyle, Class of 1978), Robyn Charnley (Garside, Class of 1983) and Andrea Crouch (Thomas, Class of 1977).

Anyone else interested in joining TOGA Golf can contact Melinda directly at meljtee999@gmail.com.



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