Tintern Grammar Alumni (TGA)

Tintern Grammar Alumni (TGA) Inaugural Meeting

We are excited to announce the establishment of the new Tintern Grammar Alumni. Congratulations to the new committee.

  • Amy Cunningham (YG 2013) – General Committee position
  • Jodi Evans (YG 2004) – General Committee position
  • Annabelle McKenzie (YG 2018) – General Committee position
  • Emily Mignot (YG 2012) – General Committee position
  • Eliza Mignot (YG 2017) – General Committee position
  • Finn Murray (YG 2018) – General Committee position
  • Aimee Spears (YG 2013) – Secretary
  • Alexandra Wakeley (YG 2012) – General Committee position
  • Alan White (YG 2008) – President

In the next few months the committee will be working on establishing their terms of reference and calendar of events. If you have any suggestions, thoughts or queries or would like to find out more, please direct them through the Community Relations office via email communityrelations@tintern.vic.edu.au and they will be passed on.

Back Row (L to R): Alan White, Amy Cunningham, Brad Fry, Emilgy Mignot
Front Row (L to R): Rory Shepherd, Finn Murray and Annabelle McKenzie
Rory Shepherd (YG 2016) attended the inaugural meeting as an observer.


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