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Rounding out Year 1 – Tintern Grammar Alumni

As the year comes to a close for us all, the TGA recently marked its 1st year of operation at its recent AGM, an opportunity to reflect on the foundations that have been built, with a lens to the future, too.

While the impacts of the pandemic have touched us all, and put many of our plans on hold for now, we have a strategy roadmap in place for 2021, and are in the process of welcoming new members to our team for the new year.  The good news is, we’re still looking for more alumni to join our management committee and we’d love to hear from you – email us at alumni@tintern.vic.edu.au

Our AGM reflected on our engagement with our newest alumni – the Year 12 cohort of 2020. One of the key objectives of the TGA is to develop a welcoming and inclusive welcome for students as soon as they transition to alumni, and we were pleased to do this through two initiatives this year. Firstly, though the Wellbeing Packs, delivered to the cohort through their final pastoral classes at the end of this year, before exams began. Filled to the brim with some self-care items for students, and a letter of good luck and of welcome, as our newest alumni – this activity, including future events, will be a big part of welcoming our newest alumni to our community.

This was complimented by a video series, delivered through a diverse range of alumni voices that focused on the best advice our alumni can give to students about their exams, post-exam down time and post-school life.  Thanks to all the alumni that took part!

We’re about to launch our Tintern Grammar Alumni Facebook page – so stay tuned, and in the new year, we’ll be launching our brand new website, a one stop shop for our alumni community.  But this is just the beginning of what we have planned – soon you will hear from us about our new alumni events to be held in March and April 2021, with social events that (hopefully) will have something for everyone!

Until then, thanks to the alumni community for your support. Wishing you and your loved ones a safe and happy holiday season, with better things to come for us all in 2021.

Alan White (on behalf of the TGA Management Committee)
TGA President

P.S – Thank you to Amy Cunningham, who we farewell this year from the TGA committee.



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