Tintern Alumni Jazz Band – An invitation to join

In 2019 the Tintern Grammar Music Department would like to launch the inaugural Tintern Alumni Jazz Band. Many of our Tintern and Southwood Alumni have fond memories of the many Jazz Nights they attended over the years they were at school. We would like to invite people who are interested in returning to Tintern Grammar to reunite and play a few charts for our upcoming Jazz Night, Saturday 18 May. It is time to dust off those instruments, fine tune the fingers and recover the chops for a fun night of music making with your fellow Alumni.

If you are interested, could you please contact Lisa Clarke by email to lclarke@tintern.vic.edu.au or phone, on 9845 7837 (music office) or 9845 1271 (direct). Lisa may also tap a few people on the shoulder with some gentle encouragement. She is looking forward to hearing from you all.



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