Sharing Stories and Connections – Pen-pal exchange between our Alumni and Students

Due to ongoing uncertainty around the end of the Melbourne lockdown, combined with uncertainty over restrictions, we were once again unable to run our annual High Tea Reunions. Normally we welcome Alumni celebrating their 50 (1971), 55 (1966) and 60 (1961) year reunions, and those who are 56 years or more since graduating Tintern.
Though we were unable to come together on site, it was important these incredible milestones were acknowledged. We invited students from the Junior to Middle Schools to reach out and write to these Alumnae personally. Our students embraced this opportunity, sharing their own Tintern stories, favourite subjects and their experience of home learning and Lockdown.
We have already received many wonderful replies, which have been passed on to the students. In some cases, in what might prove to be a long lasting pen pal relationship.
Thank you to the students and the alumnae who took part in this community project connecting Tintern generations.
We look forward to welcoming these year groups to their postponed celebrations on Tuesday 5 April 2022.
We received many wonderful letters, we have shared one exchange below. 
Thank you to Sharon Fox (YG 1966) and Helen Holliday (YG 1967) for allowing us to share their pen pal letters with our Alumni:
Hi Helen,

My name is Luke.  I am 9 years old and in year 3D at Tintern Grammar. My teacher is Ms Nicholson. I enjoy school, but I haven’t been at school for a while because of COVID 19. I love sport. I play football and tennis. My favourite thing to do at school is math, sport and performing arts.

What was your favourite subjects at school? And what year did you come to Tintern? What was your least favourite subject? And what did or have you done as your job? Did you go to any other schools before you came to Tintern? What sports did you play outside of school? What did the school uniforms look like?

Kind regards,
Year 3

Please click on the letter below to read Helen’s reply to Luke:

15 September 2021

Dear Sharon,

 We are in Year 1A and we are in the girls’ school.

 We have been learning to write friendly letters. We hope you are very interested in our letter!

 What did the Tintern Farm look like when you were at school? We love going to the farm to see the new animals. Now we have rabbits, quails, chickens, goats, ducks, geese and sheep. What animals were at the farm when you were there?

 We go in the veggie patch to plant potatoes, beans, lettuce, celery and other vegetables. Sometimes we have a fire and we roast marshmallows! We LOVE our farm.

 At the moment, we are doing Remote Learning, so we are working hard but we really miss our friends. We have to use our iPads and look at the screen. We can see our friends and our teacher. Sometimes it is a bit hard but we make the best of it and we are being brave. We have been learning a lot of new things.

 Do you know the book called The Enchanted Wood? We are listening to it at the moment. There are lots of exciting parts about fairies, goblins and there are interesting characters like Moonface and Silky. At the top of the Faraway Tree, new lands appear and each chapter is about a different land. Right now, we are reading about the red goblins and they get a shock when they get stuck in the slippery slip. What was your favourite chapter book when you were at school?

 We hope you are well and happy. Please write back and tell us about the times when you were at Tintern. We would love to know what you liked best about Tintern.

 Love from,
The Year 1A girls and Mrs Whitcher J

Please click on the letter below to read Sharon’s reply to Mrs Whitcher and the Year 1A Girls:



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