Sarah de Witt (Grecea YG 2009) and Samantha Green (Brown YG 2003)

Sarah de Witt (Grecea YG 2009) and Samantha Green (Brown YG 2003)

As part of our Alumni Mentoring Program our incredible Alumni have been working with students to help them develop their skills and businesses. If you are interested in more information on our Alumni mentoring program please contact Di Lacey in Community Relations on 9845 7777 or

Sarah de Witt (YG 2009) is mentoring Zara Jansz in Year 10, whose business is the Embellishment Emporium. Zara says of her company, “Embellishment Emporium began from a passion which originated from baking cakes for friends and family. Embellishment Emporium then evolved to a cake decorating business. We aim to make baking effortless and straightforward for busy schedules. No matter who you are, Embellishment Emporium has a product for your every cake decorating needs.”

Sarah  opened her first specialty tea house business, Impala & Peacock in 2014. In late 2016 Sarah expanded and re-branded as Mary Eats Cake, celebrating special moments with High Tea. During the Pandemic Sarah founded talklink, Australia’s first completely anonymous online mental health directory. The concept of talklink originated after co-founders Sarah de Witt, husband Ruan de Witt and friend Eric Nastase recognised that many Australians were waiting up to 12 weeks to access mental health support and in many cases, were disheartened by the lack of rapport they felt with their practitioner when they were eventually treated.

Samantha Green (Brown YG 2003) is mentoring Chloe Hong, also in Year 10. Chloe’s business, Clay or Origin, began as a small project inspired by a combined variety of contrasting designs, with an aim to bring simplicity while also making a statement. With a selection of handmade rings, earrings and bracelets available for sale you can view her website here: 

Samantha Green is the CEO and Founder of JACK, an end-to-end marketing & events company that has been transforming people, businesses and brands since 2005. Samantha has more recently taken on the role of Managing Director of Mentor List, a collaboration of business services and professional growth, we are dedicated to connecting the very best minds, insights, technology and talent in Australia in order to achieve greatness together.

Thank you to Sarah and Samantha for sharing their experience and mentoring Zara and Chloe.



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