Managing the disruption caused by Covid-19 – Lorrae Mynard (YG 1997)

A special shout out and thank you to Lorrae Mynard (YG 1997) who has collaborated with OT Australia to create a free resource available to our Tintern and wider communities: Normal life has been disrupted: Managing the disruption caused by COVID-19.

The guide discusses aspects of daily life — things that you probably always took for granted and now are having to re-think. An occupational therapy framework is used to consider how productivity, leisure, self-care, your space, routine and roles may be impacted and to present suggestions and examples of how to adapt and manage the disruptions. This has been designed to help everyday people adapt to the changes. The link and/or pdf guide may be shared freely.

There is also a poster that health professionals can use to promote the guide to consumers.

Lorrae has worked in a range of adult mental health services in Australia, Canada and the UK and is currently a Lead Occupational Therapist at Forensicare and a PhD candidate with Monash University, with a research focus on occupational formulation. 



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