Introducing the 10 x 10 Art Exhibition!

Open entries for ELC -Year 12 students, Past Students, Staff and Families

We would like to extend an invitation to everyone in our community to submit an artwork to our 10 x 10 Exhibition.

The 10 x 10 exhibition challenges artists and imaginative thinkers to create 2D and 3D works of art within a defined space – the Visual Arts Exhibition Space.

The installation and exhibition of these pieces will give viewers an opportunity to identify and discover fascinating links between seemingly disconnected works and consider how each of us brings something unique to our Community, our Space, our Place.

Art is how we can connect as a community!

You DO NOT need to able to draw a straight line, there is no such thing as “not a creative bone in my body” –everyone can create –we just create differently. Be part of a community and celebrate your individual Artistic Flair.

The 10 x 10 Exhibition will run for 10 school days, 10 to 24 August 2023, in the Visual Arts Exhibition Space, and be available to view between 8.30am to 4pm, Monday to Friday.

All submissions by Monday 1 August at 5pm:

  • This exhibition has no limitations beside the 10×10 (x10cm) format.
  • Possibilities of works: Paint, drawing, collage, crochet, photography, sculpture, mosaic, textiles, woodwork, laser cut, mixed media –the options are only limited by your imagination!!
  • All entries must EXACTLY fit the dimensions of 10 x 10cm for 2D works. 3D works must have a base of 10 x 10cm and a depth that may be less than 10cm but does not exceed 10cm.
  • For example, a painting including its frame must be exactly 10 x 10cm.
  • For 3D works, we would encourage and challenge artists to create works on panels that can be hung on a wall, rather than pieces that sit on the floor
  • No more than 10 entries per individual, and each piece MUST be an individual piece, not a series that combines to be a larger piece.
  • Please note -Works that do not meet this requirement, or are deemed inappropriate in any way, would automatically be disqualified.

To help artists meet the exact size requirement and avoid an automatic disqualification – you can purchase & collect pre-sized boards from Tintern Main Reception, and leave these boards unframed.
For more information or any queries contact:

Price list from Tintern:

  • Canvas board 10cm x 10cm -$1.50
  • Stretched canvas 10cm x 10cm -$5
  • Cartridge paper 200gsm cut to size -$.50c
  • Watercolour paper 185gsm cut to size -$2
  • Plywood pre-cut to 10 x 10 $2

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