International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day – Guest Speakers

We were pleased to welcome back many Alumni to attend International Women’s Day Events at Tintern Grammar.

On Tuesday 4 March we were joined by six of our Alumni to chat to the Junior School girls about their various careers in celebration of the upcoming International Women’s Day:

Jo Newton (YG 2006)

Livestock Geneticist

Chloe Moorfoot (YG 2008)

Lawyer – Litigation lawyer

Philippa Page (YG 2008)

Psychologist in Private Practice

Carla Johnson (YG 2004)


Katherine Gracey (YG 1996)

Head of Marketing at Mercedes Benz and Harvey Norman and has recently started own marketing consultancy business.

Kirsty McDonald (YG 2011)

IT consultant

Thank you for sharing your stories and experiences with our Junior School students.

We then welcomed Jac Cottee (YG 1994) a Qantas Pilot, and Louise Nance (YG 2008) a  Mechanical Engineer with Ford, to speak with our secondary students. Inspiring and passionate speakers they spoke of their paths after Tintern, challenges they have found in their working life, and advice for both girls and boys on the future for females in the Aviation and Engineering fields, as well as the broader workforce.

Thank you Jac and Louise for joining us at the Secondary Assembly on Friday 6 March.

If you’d like to be included in future International Women’s Day events, or would be interested in returning to any other Tintern events, please contact the Community Relations Office.




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