In Memoriam Roma Hornby (Maynard YG 1939)

Centenarian Roma Hornby

With a lifelong passion for music as both a pianist and soprano:

“The song has ended but the melody lingers on…..” (Irving Berlin)

Roma Sinclair Hornby (YG 1939 Maynard) was born on 15 April 1922 in Elsternwick, Melbourne. Her family moved to Hawthorn in 1925, and Roma was educated at Tintern Grammar. She had a passion for music and dearly wanted to make music her career, especially as an opera singer and pianist. She passed the necessary piano and musical examinations to attend the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, but regrettably, her father would not support her.

Roma’s working life began in 1939 at the National Bank of Australasia (Sale) where the staff were mostly women due to the war. In 1946, with the end of the war she returned home, working as a salary and wages clerk for the Gippsland Base Hospital Sale. She is a founding and life member of the Melbourne Royal Doulton Collectors Club, was involved in the Country Women’s Association (Bundalaguah), the Anglican Cursillo Movement, Mother’s Union and playing keyboard for church services at nursing homes.

On returning to Sale in 1946, she joined the Sale Choral Society, where she met her future husband, Walter Hornby. They married in 1949 and had two children, Brenda, and David. Sadly, Walter passed away in 1986. After his passing, Roma continued to travel, by herself, through the USA, Canada and Europe. Roma has five grandchildren, four great-grandchildren and more on the way.

Her advice for longevity is to “come from good (genetic) stock, keep your brain active, follow your interests in life, be involved in your community, surround yourself with loving family and friends and don’t smoke”.

Sadly, soon after her 100th birthday, Roma passed away. Roma lived a magnificent 100 years and will be greatly missed by family and friends.

The Tintern community wish to express their sincere condolences to Roma’s family and friends.



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