Every Gift Counts in 2020

Every Gift Counts in 2020

This year will be remembered by history for many reasons. But the global impact of Covid-19 will always be the most significant. It has affected us all in many different ways. Some far more than others.

During these challenging times, we have become aware of a significant number of our families who are experiencing enormous economic hardship. In response, we decided to run a different appeal, to ask this year, if our supporters would consider donating a gift to the Bursary Fund to directly support current families who are experiencing financial hardship paying school fees, as part of this year’s ‘Every Gift Counts’ Appeal.

Thank you to everyone who have already donated to our Appeal. We have had an incredible response from our wider community including our past student community. It should also be noted that more than 15% of our current families have donated their COVID-19 fee rebate back to the Bursary Fund.

Please note that donations made to the Tintern Bursary Fund, are not tax deductible. Taxable donations can still be made to the Building and Library funds and in doing so will help alleviate the pressure to access additional funds needed to support the Bursary Fund. In addition, we have recently established a tax deductible Scholarship Fund to assist families who could not otherwise afford a Tintern education.

A donation, of any size, will have an immediate impact and we thank you for your support.

Gifts can be made here: https://www.tintern.vic.edu.au/every-gift-counts-in-2020/



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