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Year 12 was a busy year for Daniella as she completed her IB diploma studying Chemistry HL, English HL, Economics HL, German SL, Maths SL, Physics SL and Theory of Knowledge, and she was also Languages Captain and participated in the Big Brother/Big Sister program mentoring Year 7 girls. Daniella continued to compete in Tintern’s EISM Swim Team, which she has been a member of since Year 7. Competing this year was extra special, as she and her relay teammates broke the standing EISM freestyle and medley record for the fifth year in a row.

During Years 11 and 12 Daniella found staying active was a great way to de-stress.

“Throughout Year 11 I was swimming competitively, so I was swimming five – six times a week and also dancing. Both activities are physically demanding and involve considerable commitment, so I did have to make sure I wasn’t overdoing it or having them conflict with my school work, because school was certainly a priority for me. I found that during this year [in Year 12] it was harder to stay active after I stopped swimming competitively. Being part of the Tintern EISM Swimming Team was good as they trained three times a week in Term 1, and then once a week for Terms 2, 3 and 4. Also the fitness program that ran Tuesday and Thursday mornings was really beneficial and definitely helped me de-stress as I would go with a friend and we would talk as we exercised.”

Daniella started at Tintern in Year 2, with her sister starting in Year 4 that same year. Daniella describes her Junior School experience as a special one.

“We were welcomed by everybody in the School. The teachers were really supportive and helpful in catching us up on what we didn’t know but also integrating us into the School. I found that all throughout my primary years the Junior School was a really caring environment.”

In Year 6 Daniella was Junior School Captain which came with many important responsibilities including speaking each week at assembly. Initially the idea was daunting but Daniella relished the challenge and hopes she was a positive influence on her peers.

When asked about future plans Daniella said, “This has been a really tough decision for me because I am debating between medicine and law. They are very different, but I honestly think I would be happy to learn anything because I have a really curious mindset and like to learn.”

Leaning more towards doing law, Daniella explains “I am really interested in bringing about justice in society and making sure everyone is recognised and given their rights, but also that the community is safe and feels safe. I feel this is really important today.”

Daniella is also exploring the idea of becoming a Barrister and is grateful to have connected with a Tintern alumna at the 2018 Careers Night, who was a Senior Solicitor at the Office of Public Prosecutions and now works as a Barrister at the Victorian Bar.

However, Daniella hasn’t completely ruled out medicine, applying for both law and medicine, as well as sitting the UMAT, a test used to assist with the selection of students into medicine, dentistry and health science degrees, in July.

Looking ahead to five years’ time, whichever path Daniella chooses she feels she will still be studying, but hopes to have travelled.

“I would love to go to Europe, especially Greece and Italy because my grandparents are from there. I would also love to go to Germany because I learnt German. It would be really valuable to see what I learnt about in the practical sense.”

After such a full year, Daniella’s advice for future IB and Year 12 students is that it is important to have an interest in what you are studying.

“Having a curious mind has helped me develop an interest in all of my subjects even when I couldn’t see how it would apply to my years after school. So when you might not be particularly interested in a subject or concept, just pick something, even something really small, and think wow that’s so interesting and then slowly everything will become more intriguing and you will want to find out more. I think this desire to find out more is really important in retaining information or a concept in your memory, and you will be able to appreciate the treasures in what you learn, and then, what you see in the world.”

Daniella would like to thank everyone who has supported her last year, including her family, friends and many invaluable teachers.


Year 12 was a busy year for Jack. He completed VCE studying Business Management, English, Geography, Maths, and Product Design and Technology, with VCE VET Unit 3/4 subject Interactive Digital Media (IDM) (renamed to VCE VET Creative and Digital Media in 2018) completed in Year 11. Jack was also a valuable member of the School’s leadership team.

“I found working within the leadership team was really good and that it broadened my horizons and gave me an opportunity to meet different people in my year level.”

Jack started at Tintern in the Early Learning Centre and remembers his Junior and Middle School days fondly.

“We built tight-knit relationships with pretty much everyone in the class and the staff too. It was really great that these relationships continued through into the Senior College. The Junior and Middle Schools were vibrant places to be and being surrounded by that environment made school so much easier.”

A highlight from Jack’s time at Tintern was the annual remote control race car Grand Prix from his Junior School days.

“Mr Kenny did the Southwood Grand Prix with remote control race cars. I was, and still am, mad into cars. I’d spend months building cars and racing them in the lead up to race day. The actual day was just crazy, at recess and lunch there would be cars everywhere! These days will stick in my mind for a long time and is what got me into competitive remote control car racing. I belong to a club and will compete at the Victorian Championships next year.”

Jack plans to go to university next year to pursue another passion of his.

“The plan is to do computer science at Deakin, with the aim to focus on cloud computing and cyber security. I love the industry and have been doing a bit of work over the summer, developing a small online business renting out server hardware. Building the info structure and administering the whole network has been a brilliant learning opportunity as it allows me to learn how larger corporations would manage such a vast number of users and services.”

In five years’ time Jack aims to have finished at university and be working, however, he hopes to still have the opportunity to continue learning and trying new things. He is also keen to travel, explaining he would like to “tick a few destinations off the bucket list. Japan to go snow skiing and I’d love to go back to Canada.”

Jack has some good advice for future Year 12 students.

“Sleep when you can and energy drinks are not your friend. Take everything as it comes and enjoy Year 12 because it is only going to happen once.”

Jack also feels he was fortunate to have had an older sibling complete Year 12 before him; as it was helpful that his family had experienced the pressure of a student’s final year of schooling.

“I was fortunate that my parents were aware of what I would go through and they stepped back a little bit and gave me space and time. The pressure was definitely still there but I found structuring my time was good, as well as giving myself a break when I needed it. Sitting down with mates and playing an hour of a computer game was so worthwhile and really important.”


Maria started at Tintern Grammar as an International student in Year 9 in 2015. Maria completed her VCE in 2018, studying English as an Additional Language (EAL), Specialist Maths, Chemistry and Studio Arts, with Chinese First Language (CFL) and Maths Methods in Year 11. She also held the leadership position of Art Captain in Year 12.

Maria thoroughly enjoyed being part of the School community in Year 12 and throughout her time at Tintern.

“I never missed any of the House Events, like House Singing, the Swimming Carnival and Cross Country. I found it so exhilarating to engage with the cohort and play alongside my friends. There was a sense of collective pride, friendship and honour that brought us together.”

Tintern provides a number of support services for International students, one of which is the weekly Homework Club.

“Homework Club was fun! Being able to help and interact with the younger students offered me great insight of my fellow international students, and fostered my passion for teaching. Eating lunch together, discussing homework and talking about our lives not only gave me a chance to unwind from my intense studies but also greatly developed my social skills. I definitely enjoyed those precious moments shared with my peers.”

A special memory for Maria was creating her oil painting in Studio Arts, which was chosen as the front cover of the 2018 Celebration Evening program.

“A favourite memory for me was that huge oil painting! Despite all the hours painting in the Sculpture Room, it was just inexplicably rewarding to look at in the end. I remember how I exclaimed, “It is so big” and just painted it with all my heart – from the blank canvas to the final piece, not to mention how this piece turned out to be the cover of the Celebration Evening program!”

Maria plans to study a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne to learn about linguistics and literature. Upon completion, she hopes to continue her studies to pursue either a Master of Teaching (secondary) or a Master of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. “In five years’ time I will have completed my Master’s degree, and hopefully I can be a secondary teacher in Melbourne, maybe at Tintern!”

Maria found a number of ways helped her de-stress in Year 12.

“Working out was a great way for me to de-stress. I also talked with my friends and family about my concerns and it often resulted in finding a solution. Having a walk after dinner was great as well. Sometimes all you need is some fresh air and sunlight to rejuvenate yourself.”

Maria has some valuable advice for tackling Year 12.

“Set achievable goals for yourselves and work towards them to the best of your abilities. Do everything step by step so you do not feel so overwhelmed. Remember it is your last year of school so really try hard and work towards your dreams, and then you can sit down and relax! Most importantly, don’t tire yourself out on the days before your exams, get prepared and be well rested.”

Maria has a special message for the Tintern Grammar community.

“I want to say a huge thank you to all my families, dear teachers and my best friends for supporting me all along the way. I’m always grateful for all of you.”



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