Calendar of Events

2019 Reunions

Year Group Date Time Location

2009 10 Year Reunion

Saturday 2 March

3.30pm – 6pm

Tintern Grammar and offsite

Reunion Festival *

Saturday 15 June

3.30pm – 6.30pm

Tintern Grammar

2014 5 Year Reunion

Friday 23 August



2018 1 Year Reunion

Friday 13 September



2004 15 Year Reunion

Saturday 26 October***

3.30pm – 6pm

Tintern Grammar and offsite

High Tea Reunion **

Friday 15 November

11am – 2pm

Tintern Grammar


Reunion Festival – Year Groups: 1999 20 years, 1994 25 years, 1989 30 years, 1984 35 years, 1979 40 years & 1974 45 years.
** High Tea Reunion – Year Groups: 1969 50 years (Golden reunion), 1964 55 years (Emerald reunion), 1959 60 years (Diamond reunion) and all those earlier and including 1963.
*** Please note change of date from previously published 19 October.

You are always welcome to attend, visit or support Tintern Grammar.

Please select here for a full list of Community Events for 2019.

Admissions Tour and Events Dates

At Tintern Grammar we provide many opportunities for families to tour the School. These sessions provide the perfect opportunity to hear from the Principal, explore the School with student-led tours, and speak with senior teaching staff. You are warmly invited to attend any of the tours, please visit here to view tour dates and book your attendance.




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