Alumni at Tintern

Thank you to the many incredible Alumni who have given their time and expertise to our current students. Many have attended virtually or in person at some of our events this year:

International Women’s Day

The Junior School Girls’ celebrated International Women’s Day on the 9 March by reflecting on our theme of 2021, The Power of Us, and how we can use our voices to make a difference in our own lives and the lives of others. Girls from Prep-Year 6 asked probing questions of our 6 alumni who shared stories of their lives and careers. Our guests were inspiring as they reflected upon being ‘brave not perfect’ and encouraged the girls to believe in themselves, and to back themselves even when things don’t go according to plan.
Thank you to Jac Cottee (YG 1994), Sarah De Witt (Grecea YG 2009), Seak-King Huang (YG 1985), Sarina Mafrici (YG 2008), Emily Mc Lean (YG 2017) and Elisabeth Moss (YG 2014) for your generosity in sharing your stories and for inspiring our girls.

Foundation Service 2021

Our Annual Foundation Service was a little different this year.  Sadly we were not be able to have any parents or other guests at the service, as the Schools Operations Guide restricts us to 2 sqm per person if we have anyone in the C M Wood who is not current staff or students. This meant we could only have students and staff at the service, so that no density limits were needed. 
We were incredibly grateful to have both Braden Cooper (YG 2008) and Nicola Hogan (YG 2011) pre-record an interview with our Principal Brad Fry.

Year 12 Induction Assembly

A special thank you to Ashleigh Dowling and Tara Carson, both YG 2020, for pre-recording an interview for the Year 12 Induction Assembly.
Ashleigh is our 2020 IB and Overall Dux, and Tara is our 2020 VCE Dux.

House Swimming Carnival – Pastoral Activities

While providing a fun and engaging House activity, the Swimming Carnival gave us the opportunity to further develop peer relationships and focus on topics relevant to students and their growth and development. During the half of the day when students were not involved in the Swimming Carnival, we ran pastoral sessions which provided an opportunity to explore topics related to boys and girls experiences in regard to relationships, responsibility, consent and respect.

Thank you to the Alumni who were on the Pastoral Sessions Q & A panel on the day.:

  • Eva Corcoran (YG 2020)
  • Darcy Ryder (YG 2012)
  • Lachlan Young (YG 2020)
  • Harry Dettmann (YG 2016)
  • Joel Pearce-Schmidt (YG 2019



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