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Sharing Experiences – Class of 2021

On Tuesday 12 July we were visited by Alumni from the Class of 2021, who spoke to our Year 12 students.
Their first-hand experiences of commencing university, tips and advice leading into the final months of Year 12 was valuable for our current students. We thank them for visiting us and presenting, and look forward to their future visits and wish them every success in their studies.
Thank you to Alana Lawson, Laura Mitcham, Katey O’Reilly, Jaimee Jolocha, Adam Choong, Joshua Choong and Raman Wensor. We greatly appreciate your support.
Pictured from left to right is Alana Lawson, Laura Mitcham, Katey O’Reilly, Jaimee Jolocha, Adam Choong, Joshua Choong, Raman Wensor.

Alumni Panel at the Year 12 Conference

On Tuesday 29 November Emily Mignot, President of the TGA facilitated an alumni discussion panel for our Year 11’s heading into Year 12 for 2023.

The alumni were invited to share their experience and knowledge of how they transitioned away from school and into their chosen study or work field.

Following the discussion, the alumni participated in a group activity where the students had one-on-one experience networking.

Thank you to Lachlan O’Reilly (Class of 2019), Angus Maynard (Class of 2017), Ashleigh Dowling (Class of 2020), Alexandra Wakeley (Class of 2012), Emily Mignot (Class of 2012) for volunteering their time to help our Year 12, 2023 students. We are grateful to our alumni who made themselves available for this valuable learning experience.

Pictured  from left: Lachlan O’Reilly (Class of 2019), Angus Maynard (Class of 2017), Ashleigh Dowling (Class of 2020), Alexandra Wakeley (Class of 2012), Emily Mignot (Class of 2012)

Back for the Jazz!

We were excited to see and hear an Alumni Jazz Band feature in this year’s long-awaited Jazz Night, Winter Wonderland. Some of the Alumni who participated tapped out some tunes at Music Camp before the actual event. The full line-up on the night included from the Class of 2021 Alec Chen, Erin O’Callaghan, Sam Victoria, Joshua Choong and Amelia Kenny. Representing the Class of 2020 was Bianca Settle, Zoë Forbes, Alice Church and Madison Edwards-Turner, while Aaron Zhou represented the Class of 2019.
If you would like to join an Alumni band or form another like-minded group, please get in touch with the Community Relations Office at

Year 7 Public Speaking Competition

Thank you to Kirsty McDonald (Class of 2011) who visited Tintern on Wednesday 26 October to judge our inaugral Year 7 Public Speaking Competition.

Kirsty was excited to be invited back to judge the year 7 public speaking competition and recalls that public speaking hasn’t always come easy for her. She has worked on her public speaking skills over the last couple of years and in 2021 presented at an online tech conference. In the same year she also joined Toastmasters, to practice public speaking, improve her communication and build leadership skills.

Thank you to Kirsty for supporting our Year 7 students, and judging this wonderful event.

Year 10 Mock Interviews

Heather Ruckert, our Year 12 Co-ordinator and Careers Consultant is seeking support from our Alumni for 16 people to assist organised Mock Interviews for our Year 10 students on Wednesday 12 October.

We had an wonderful group of 19 Alumni who volunteered to assist as interviewers. Each person was allocated a group of 5 students to interview.

The students had a prior session with our Human Resources Manager to discuss interview skills that can be transferred to an online, in person, telephone or group situation. They also be had a speaker discussing résumés, selection criteria and the use of video submissions in the selection process.

Thank you to those who generously gave their time to conduct the online interviews and assist our Year 10, 2022 students:

Amelia Cavanagh (Class of 1995)
Lara Connolly (Class of 1988)
Miranda Dickinson (Class of 2011)
Georgina Fordham (Class of 2007)
Briana  Goding (Class of 2003)
Mallory Healey (Class of 2007)
Shelby Healey (Class of 2011)
Louise Khanbashi (Class of 1995)
Alison Koelmeyer (Class of 1996)
Kim Lucas (Class of 1996)
Richelle McCausland (Class of 2002)
Charlotte Menagh (Class of 2018)
Chris Peng (Class of 2014)
Yvette Pethebridge (Class of 1996)
Darcy Ryder (Class of 2012)
Nick Shying (Class of 2013)
Katie Warner (Class of 1994)
Alan White (Class of 2008)
Jodie White (Class of 2004)


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