1972 Staff Photo

After an incredible response to our Staff Photo from 1972 which was included in our last Past Student News, we have identified most of the staff included.

Thank you to past staff Lyn Bartold and Rene Day, who both gave their time and knowledge to give names to most of the faces below.

Back Row: (?), Anne Habere, (?), Jan Burford, Bob Smith, John Poole, Mrs Hearne

2nd Back Row: Mrs Sarumpaet, Jane Vincent, Betty Watson, Mrs Reed, Sheila Alvarez, Louise Huck, Diane Davies, (?), Avril Yates

2nd Front Row: Wendy Richards, Jenny Browne, Miranda Grey, Joslyn Fry, Cathy Cooper, Lyn Bartold, John Davidson, Mrs Keene, Dorothy Stamps

Front Row: Mavis Williams, Betty Lister, Judy Watts, Betty McKay, Rene Day (Deputy Head), Peggy May Bursar, Dorothy Boyd, Barbara Johnston, Connie Day



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